Wyatt, visiting urologist at Philip hospital

by Del Bartels

Dr. Joseph Wyatt, an urologist from Pierre, has begun his monthly visits to the Philip Health Services Inc. clinic and hospital.

Wednesday, March 25, was his first day, with future scheduled visitations on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Currently, Wyatt will be taking appointments and seeing patients from 9:00 a.m. to noon, "or longer as needed," said Wyatt. "I'll stay until there are no more patients to be seen for the day." The scheduled hours may increase in the future, if warranted. To make an appointment, phone 605-945-5259 or 859-2511.

A urologist is a physician who specializes in the urinary or urogenital tract. "The majority, 75 to 80 percent, of what we see are non-cancerous or cancerous diseases of the prostate, enlarged prostates, incontinence (leaking of urine), kidney stones and a spattering of pediatric abnormalities," said Wyatt. "Enlarged prostrates can be treated with office procedures or medications, and sometimes with surgery. Urology has really adopted minimally invasive intervention, and is geared for a patient's quick recovery."

Wyatt was raised in Carpenter, SD, where he finished high school. "The town was about one square block. It is a lot like Philip, though not as cosmopolitan," joked Wyatt. His wife, Rachel, is originally from Milbank. They have three children, five-year-old son Draix and three-year-old twin girls, Ruby and Sapphire. Their fourth child is due soon. "We had three children in diapers at the same time, and are ready to sign up for a fourth due in August," said Wyatt. "We are very interested in being back home in South Dakota and close to family. It's a great place to raise kids."

"Philip Health Services is a very impressive facility. Its new CT scanner is impressive. It's a beautiful facility out here."

Wyatt began as an undergraduate at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, with a biology degree, though he was there mostly for the pre-medical classes. For the next two years, he took basic science at the medical school at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion. While there, he met Dr. Coen Klopper who was working the emergency room. "I did some on-the-side training with him," said Wyatt. "Every time he was in ER, I would try to sign up for the free knowledge which comes with being around Dr. Klopper. When you're around him, you always learn something. That real world knowledge probably got me farther in med school than anything else."

Wyatt went to Indiana University for his final two clinical years of med school, then one more year for surgical internship. He then trained five years of urology residency in the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

Now Wyatt works with the Avera Medical Associates Clinic in Pierre.