Wrestling team takes third at Lyman Invitational

The Philip Scotties wrestling team traveled to the Lyman Invitational Tournament in Presho on Friday and Saturday, January 6-7, and earned third place as a team.

Troy Guptill, 103:

•pinned Todd Janis, RC, 1:45

•pinned Tylor Frost GET, 3:25

•pinned by Jamin Battles, SPF, 3:27

•decision by Austin Lake, GET, 2-4

Tucker McDaniel, 103:


•pinned by Kade Klippenstein, HS, 3:49

•decision by Ross Julson, Wall, 3-17

Travis Nelson, 103:

•pinned by Austin McCloud, H/H, 1:27

•decision by Ian Muirhead, WIN, 0-14

Jordan Smith, 112:


•pinned Preston Burma, SBA, 1:11

•pinned Kyle Ringwood, SPF, 1:11

•decision by Josh Baldwin, SC, 1-3

•decisioned Steven Schmidt, MOB, 12-0

•pinned Miles Melius, WIN, 4:27

Cecil Heeb, 125:


•pinned Ricky Seaman, SBA, 1:11

•decision by Albert HerManyHorses, TC, 2-16

•decision by Mark Harkless, HS, 2-8

Trey Fortune, 125:


•pinned by Albert HerManyHorses, TC, 2:28


•pinned by Ricky Seaman, SBA, 3:27

Andrew Brech, 130:



•pinned by Colton Carter, SC, 1:50

•pinned Cody Sandmeier, MOB, 3:40

•decision by Brendan Waterson, SPF, 1-11

•decision by Ted Wonnenberg, WIN, 0-6

Tate Guptill, 135:


•pinned Jesse Fortune, SBA, 3:11

•pinned by Blake Burnham, WIN, 4:45

•pinned by Michael Patrick, SB, 2:46

•pinned Drew Hicks, BC, 2:49

•pinned Clinton McKee, H/H, 3:50

Alex Brech, 140:


•pinned Casey Reinesh, K/WL, 3:03

•decisioned Brady Potts, GET, 12-5

•decision by Paul Tierney, HS, 2-13

•pinned Kelle Pullram, PR, 2:34

•decisioned Austin Scott, SD, 6-2

Bo Slovek, 145:


•pinned Wade Barry, WIN, 3:09

•pinned Anthony Bobby, SC, 5:24

•decisioned Dennis Bowden, GET, 6-3

•decision by Cameron Weissw, HS, 3-5

Karch Foley, 145:

•pinned by Jeremy Keil, SC, :45


•pinned by Tyler Adams, NEW, :23

Mick Trask, 152:


•pinned Joe Trask, W/K, 2:55

•decision by Ray Rickenbach, HS, 1-14

•decisioned Philip Soulet, KIM, 11-2

•decisioned Riley Norton, L/D, 11-3

•decisioned Andrew Klundt, SC, 3-2

•pinned by Pat Cowan, H/H, 2:12

Mark Trask, 160:


•pinned Clayton Etzkain, SC, 3:03

•decision by Ryan Orel, WIN, 5-20

•pinned Zach Tope, NEW, 3:57

•decision by Tucker Ulmer, WIN, 7-9

•decision by Austin Pavich, SPF, 2-8

Lincoln Smith, 171:


•pinned Pat Fortune, SBA, 2:15

•dicisioned Jayd Dokken, WIN, 9-2

•decision by Rio Reeves, SC, 7-13

•pinned Kyle Hieb, H/H, 1:48

•decision by Nick Lopez, HS, 2-5

Kent Buchholz, 189:

•pinned Steven Storms, WIN, 2:35

•pinned Andrew Twiss, RC, 1:56

•pinned Brady Weischedel, SB, 4:26

•decisioned Tyson Russell, SD, 8-4

•decision by Lonnie Lesmeister, GET, 7-8

Jesse Heaton, 215:


•pinned Duane Rooks, LW, :55

•decision by Trever Herman, WIN, 11-12

•pinned Charles Eagle Bull, RC, 1:35

•decisioned Louis Walking Elk, MO, 14-5

•pinned by Keenan Fischer, SC, 1:24

•decision by Eric Halvorson, LYM, 5-8

Alex Moos, 275:



•pinned Adam Thies, STM, 3:14

•pinned by Myles Ulmer, WIN, 3:32

•pinned Charles Janis, PR, 2:21

•pinned Chris Rahn, TC, 1:28

The Scotties will host the Philip Wrestling Tournament this weekend. The matches will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 13, and begin again at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 14.