Wrestlers take to the mats

The Philip Scotties had their first wrestling meet of the season at the Stanley County Tournament in Ft. Pierre on December 3-4. The results are as follows:


Jordan Smith, 103, 2nd place:

•pinned Bradececht, LYM, 1:58

•pinned Stevens, MK, 2:28

•pinned Schremp, CEB, 1:20

•pinned by Welch, PRK, 4:30

Andrew Breck, 125:

•pinned Sinclair, UNA-BK/GR, :36

•pinned by Huether, W, :43

•dec. by Halvorson, LYM, 1-5

Alex Brech, 145, 5th place:

•pinned Caffee, WS/W, :54

•dec. by Horses, TC, 5-7

•pinned Keil, SC, 2:36

•dec. Tietgen, BK/GR, 4-0

•dec. by Blakke, LYM, 0-3

•dec. Maier, SB, 6-5

Bo Slovek, 152, 3rd place:

•pinned Kraft, MOB, 2:22

•dec. by Nye, SB, 0-6

•dec. by Meyer, PRK, 0-6

•dec. Peterson, LYM, 6-3

•dec. Hansen, BK/GR, 4-2 OT

John Hanes, 160:

•forfeit, Neigel, CEB

•pinned by Fergen, PRK, :45

•pinned by Walling, UNA-LYM, 2:42

Lincoln Smith, 160, 4th place:

•pinned Morog, MIL, :33

•dec. Russell, SC, 11-10

•dec. by Fergen, PRK, 1-13

•dec. Thomas, GET, 5-4

•pinned by Janis, LYM, 2:13

Mark Trask, 171:

•pinned by Metha, UNA-PRK, 1:31

•pinned Kiemer, MIL, :45

•dec. by Lambley, BK/GR, 1-16

Kent Buchholz, 189, 2nd place:

•pinned Knippling, MIL, :45

•pinned Bruns, BK/GR, 1:54

•pinned Baumiller, UNA-PRK, 4:29

•dec. by Johnson, SC, 4-5

Alex Moos, 275, 6th place:


•pinned by Mitchall, SC, 2:35

•pinned Hosek, CHB, 3:35

•dec. by Lundbug, BK/GR, 2:09

•dec. by Wernes, PRK, 0-8

Junior Varsity

Troy Guptill, 103:

•pinned by Melius, UNA-WIN, 3:39

•pinned by Stevens, MIL, :35

Tate Guptill, 145:


•pinned by Schremp, CEB,

•pinned by Tiptan, BL/GR, 2:57

Mick Trask, 160:

•pinned by Curtis, WIN, 1:38

•dec. by Walling, UNA-LYM, 5-13

The next meet for the Scotties will be at the Rapid City Invitational at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center of Friday, December 10 at 5:00 p.m. and Saturday, December 11 at 10:00 a.m. Please note the change of location.