Work experience outside the classroom

Work isn’t always work ... Students are figuring out through the School to Work program that work can be fun as well as a valuable educational experience. Blake Lobdell is working at Hansen’s Hide and Fur.

(This is the second in a series featuring this year's Internship program students.)

This week's featured student is Blake Lobdell who works alongside Marty Hansen at his business, Hansen's Hide and Fur.

Hansen said, "I am involved in the School to Work program because I would've liked to have had the opportunity when I was in school to get out and try something new."

Deer season brings long hours for Hansen, so Lobdell is a big help to him even if it is only for one hour every day. "Blake helps a lot by getting the odds and ends done that I don't have time for on my own," said Hansen, "He helps me keep track of deer, check traps, move fish around, or whatever else comes up. You never know what's going to need done." Hansen hopes Lobdell will learn as much as he can from this experience. He stated, "I hope he will see if he likes it, or if he doesn't like it, now's a good time to learn!"

Lobdell said, "I chose to take School to Work because school gets kind of old just sitting there all day, so it's nice to be able to leave seventh hour and go do something different." With over 70 choices of what to do during this hour, how does one choose? Lobdell chose Hansen's Hide and Fur because he has known Hansen for a long time and enjoys working with him. He also enjoys all of the things they do at the fur plant.

As far as what the job entails, it ranges from sweeping the shop to actually helping with some of the more hands-on things. Lobdell has already been able to learn many things, such as how to make a European mount.

The Philip High School Internships program, previously known as School to Work is a seventh hour class which allows juniors and seniors enrolled in the program to leave school and gain job experience at a work site of their choice.