In the Winter

People put up storm windows to help keep the heat in during the winter. Yes, I know that there are some warm days then. No, I don't know why we don't use storm windows instead of screen windows to keep the heat out in the summer. Yes, that would help the air conditioning; and yes, I do complain about him leaving a window or the door open when the air conditioner is on. No, we don't need screens in the winter because there are no bugs then. Yes, I know that bugs seem to come from somewhere during the spring, fall and even winter.

He kept on talking and trying to help. I remember being young like him and in the spring of my life. Young people are so full of questions and energy. They want to always let the summer in. Wouldn't it be nice if our screen windows could stay up all the time? In the spring and summer everything works better. Our cars start more easily. Now-a-days my personal engine seems to need jump-starting each morning.

My son likes the winter. He isn't there yet, while I am getting closer as the calender pages fall away. To him, jumping a car would be an adventure. It would be something that he and I could do together. Actually, he doesn't realize it, but he gives me a boost every day. I will relive my snowball days through him. He will be eager to shovel snow off of sidewalks ... but only until he is distracted by needing to build a snowman. He will laugh when a cold frosting of snow blows onto my face when I open the front door. He will not understand the need for gloves because wrapping his hands around a cup of hot chocolate will fix them right up. He thinks sliding down an icy sidewalk is fun. Ice-sickles are so versatile as swords, lollypops, snowball targets, jail bars, prisms and a bunch of other things. A snowy hill isn't a thing that a car can't get up; it is a thing that sleds can get down. A winter snow scene is not a quiet place for peaceful thinking; it is a blank canvas waiting for snow paths and for the yelling of echoes to friends. Walking backwards against the cold wind is fun. Trying to help trees to drop their white blankets of snow is a challenge. Eating floating snowflakes is a mandatory action of every child.

Not enough chores are done, but I am grateful that the day is finally over. As he gets into bed, my son regrets that the day is over. I watch as his eyes waver shut and he lies there so serenely. Whether the calender is a bunch of months representing 365 days, or if it is the passing of the year of my life, I realize one thing. Time is so much better when seen through his eyes. He is doing his very best in making sure that I see things through his summer rather than through my winter.

Bless him and all those still in their springtime.