Wickstrom interning at Ravellette Publications

Having started on Tuesday, May 26, Emily Wickstrom is the journalism intern at Ravellette Publications, Inc., until August 21.

"I'm a small town girl from Roslyn, S.D., interning in the small town of Philip," said Wickstrom. "I'm pretty impressed with Philip. I did some research and, though it's a little smaller than I expected, it's like Roslyn, only a bit bigger. Mom and I were driving around and didn't know anyone, but everybody waved as if they knew me. I like that.

"I wrote for the South Dakota State University Collegian, the college's weekly newspaper. I have a feeling this internship won't be far from that kind of work. It will maybe be different in the kinds of stories that I will be doing," said Wickstrom. "There will be some interviewing and I'll be assigned to more stories as the summer progresses."

Wickstrom comes to the on-the-job training position with a scholastic background of writing and experience. She is a 2005 graduate from Roslyn High School, where she was a co-editor of her high school newspaper. The Roslyn Viking is a 12-to-14 page paper, with five issues per school year. Wickstrom started at SDSU in general studies, but took more writing courses as the years progressed. She will graduate this December with a bachelor of science degree in journalism.

"I called every newspaper in South Dakota for an intern position, but many were not offering any due to the current economy. I had originally hoped for an internship closer to home," said Wickstrom, "but, Don Ravellette was the first to e-mail me and everything worked out so well. I'll be doing a little of everything, whatever the newspaper needs me to do. Kelly Penticoff is the main person I will be reporting to. They might need some work done for the Wall, Kadoka or other sister newspapers.

"When I finish here, I would really like to work at and gain some more experience at a small town newspaper. Yet, my dream has always been to live in a big city like New York and report on real-life stories for a magazine like Cosmopolitan. My dad has a different dream and would like me to write for a hunting magazine. I think this is mainly to keep me close to home. Our dreams don't match because I don't like to hunt, though I do like to ice fish.

"I'm looking forward to meeting more people around Philip. So far, everybody is so nice, so welcoming and friendly. If everyone is like that, they are going to make it pretty hard for me to leave at the end of summer," said Wickstrom.