Westerberg part of award winning collegian model of United Nations

A group of South Dakota State University students brought home nine awards from the Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

The SDSU students were awarded distinguished delegate awards, along with one for the Security Council and the other, the Distinguished Delegation award.

Brittany Westerberg helped represent Croatia as the social, cultural and humanitarian representative. Her delegation teammates represented security, political, economic and finance, and environmental.

The Arrowhead Model United Nations Conference is one of the largest conferences in central North America. Traditionally, 250 to 300 delegates from over 25 universities and colleges participate.

The conference attempts to reproduce the workings of the United Nations. Delegates are assigned to a country of their choice and represent that country at a model United Nations.

The conference replicates four of the main committees of the United Nations. General Assembly and Security Council. Delegates discuss and build upon resolutions that they research and write before the conference. Topics include current events and long-standing international disputes that fall under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.

Student delegates are judged by how well they stay in character as they put aside personal views to represent their chosen country.