West River South Dakota beats Paris

Zach showed her what horses wear on their “feet”.

It is always interesting to bring someone to Philip who has never been anywhere in South Dakota. Carolyn Braun lives near Eugene, Oregon, and works for an airline.

She visited Mt. Rushmore, the Wall Drug Store, two usual tourist stops, and in Rapid City had lunch with my cousin, an employee of the city, Larry Noble. Larry is a native of the Midland area and the son of Francis Noble.

But Carolyn seemed most impressed by the cowboys and their horses. She met with Lester Pearson at his place near Philip. He has a field full of horses near the bed and breakfast place where she was staying, so she got to hug and talk to her favorite pony every day.

Carolyn also visited a working ranch, the Halligan place just north of Philip on the west side of Highway 73. Zach West, a popular local rodeo and working cowboy, was at the ranch putting horseshoes on some horses there, a real treat for this city girl to watch.

Carolyn shopped in downtown Philip and slept under the "brightest stars" she's ever seen.

In her own words, she said, "I was just overwhelmed by the people here, especially the cowboys - how nice they are, so real, honest and very American in the best sense. Even met with Native Americans. I just teared up when telling my husband about Western South Dakota and want to come back and stay longer. I had just returned from London and Paris, but for me, at least, what I saw and felt here in Western South Dakota is better!"