West journeys to Florida and Washington, D.C.

The president wants you ... Jaycie West was not shy when inviting President Obama to South Dakota. She and the other CMN children then played on the South Dakota made playground on the White House grounds.

The President of the United States Barack Obama pointed at her in the crowd of Children's Miracle Network visitors and Jaycie West offered, "Come to South Dakota to play basketball, go hunting and ride horses." President Obama replied, "That's a busy day."

West was one of 70 children, with their families, on a CMN goodwill promotional trip to Orlando, FL, and Washington, D.C, during the last half of March. Months before, West had been a patient at the Rapid City Regional Hospital because of a horse accident. All surgery and rehabilitation was done at RCRH. CMN promotes that their fundraising efforts in any area stay in that area to benefit local children's hospitals, children's units and children taken care of in that area. West was chosen as the South Dakota "champion" representative for CMN for 2009.

West joined other children who had dealt with, or were still dealing with, such ailments as leukemia, aging disease and physical trauma. The trip was entirely fun and exciting, though most of it was new to West. She was interviewed on radio shows at 5:30 a.m. and represented CMN at all times.

West said, "The plane trip to Denver was not so good," because of turbulence. At a concert after the song Don't Laugh at Me was sung, West joined in with other CMN children to complain, "You made my mommy cry." She wasn't necessarily surprised to see a horse-mounted police officer in Washington. "The inside and outside of the White House was neat," said West.

She now is content to have fun with her family and friends in her hometown of Philip.