Website will offer live coverage of Philip Scottie football

Sdsportsbuzz.com personalities ... Kadoka’s Royal Addison, left, and Philip’s Nick Heeb will be previewers and commentators of west river nine-man football during the 2011 season for their sports website.

Philip High School's 2011 Scottie football team was under media scrutiny Tuesday, August 23.

During practice that day, the athletes of the nine-man Class "B" Scotties football team were video recorded, and head coach Keven Morehart was interviewed by two personalities of a fledgling sports website. The new venture, sdsportsbuzz.com, is headed by manager and senior writer Nick Heeb, a 2006 Philip High School graduate, and by sports analyst Royal Addison, a 2008 Kadoka Area High School graduate.

Sdsportsbuzz.com visited Philip to bring to viewers what it states as the most complete season previews of area nine-man football teams. Heeb and Addison were also in several other local towns to preview those teams. The Kadoka Kougars were visited Monday, August 22, the Wall Eagles, Wednesday, August 24, and the New Underwood Tigers, Thursday, August 25.

Heeb said that this week, a special week, was approximately 50 hours for each of the two men. Their usual week for the rest of the football season should be around 15 hours. They plan to be broadcasting from the crows nest in Philip for the homecoming football game. This time will be above and beyond their college classes. Heeb is attending Black Hills State University and Addison is attending the University of South Dakota through classes in Rapid City.

"We are going to be ­­­the West River nine-man football," said Heeb. "Football season is football season! There is nothing else." They interviewed the various coaches, learning which players will most likely start - the impact players. Heeb said the "goal of our website is to expose West River athletes. They can make it anywhere and we are out there to help these kids. They have the talent to succeed at the next level."

Addison said, "(I'm) excited to be working for an up-and-coming company and getting our summaries and broadcastings out, so if grandpa and grandma can't make it, they can at least listen to the games. We are out here trying to get the kids recognized."

The computer link stated, "They will bring you complete coverage of the day's events, replete with a journal chronicling their whereabouts throughout the day, video from practice, interviews with the coaches and a daily video recap with Nick and Royal. They will also give you a full preview of each team, including players to watch for, newcomers and changes that have occurred from the previous year."

The link continued, "For everything you need to know about the nine-man teams this upcoming season, look no further than sdsportsbuzz and watch for the SportsBuzz vehicle rolling through your town, be sure to come over and say hello, they're looking forward to seeing all of you."