Wall City Council meets for year end meeting

Wall City Council met on Thursday, December 29, at noon at the Wall Community Center meeting room for their special year-end meeting. Council members present were: Bill Leonard, Pete Dunker, Rick Hustead and Jerry Morgan. Finance Officer Carolynn Anderson, Chamber Executive Director Lindsey Hildebrand and Public Works Director Jeff Clark. Absent were: Mike Anderson and Mayor Dave Hahn.
Council President Hustead called the meeting to order in absence of Mayor Hahn.
Council approved the agenda for the meeting.
Second reading of Ordinance 11-14: amend the banner ordinance was approved.
Second reading of Ordinance 11-15: amend water service to read the meters between the 20th and 27th of every month instead of the end of the month was approved.
Second reading of Ordinance 11-16: wards were approved.
Resolution 11-12: flashing light at the school to split the cost of the maintenance of the light between the city and the school was approved.
C. Anderson explained States Attorney response/Attorney letter. She informed the council if the local law enforcement is giving a citation on a city ordinance the States Attorney would make the first appearance in the court room and the city attorney would continue afterwards if the issue would go any farther.
The council approved a resolution for a five-year fire agreement with the fire department.
Drainage at Dakota Mill was discussed. Morgan informed the council that Dakota Mill is planning to purchase some property from the railroad and in order to complete the purchase they need the city to sign off on the plot age. Morgan and Clark have been meeting to come up with options for the drainage that the city has an easement on along the railroad tracks. Clark suggested that the Drainage Committee, Dakota Mill, the city engineer and himself meet to further discuss the options.
C. Anderson received one application for the position that was advertised for the ambulance district from Larry Gravatt of Elm Springs. She said he would be very good since he has experience in developing different packages for cities. Dunker then informed the council that he had received information that they could ask the County Commissioners to develop a resolution to establish a district or they could also take out a petition by the voters. Dunker’s understanding that there is a time limit for people to either opt out or if they are against it to bring it to a vote. John Kitterman stated that the city would also have to make a resolution that would combine with the County Commissioners. Hustead said that it would be nice to know if any other communities have gone this route. Dunker added that maybe the county commissioners wouldn’t be interested in it. He will call Lyndell Petersen and visit with him about the district. Kitterman then explained to the council the official response area of the Wall Ambulance. They go to mile maker 94 to the west and cover the eastern portion of Pennington County. S. Anderson suggested that Dunker call and visit with Gravatt to let him know where the district is sitting at right now.
Cell phones were next on the agenda. C. Anderson stated that all public work employees are on their own cell phone plan. Clark has a long distance number now, but will check to see if he can get a local number.
C. Anderson asked the council to approve the city to combine with the county for elections. She noted that the election would be held on Tuesday, June 5th. Petitions can be picked-up on March 1 and need to be turned back in on March 27th. Jerry Morgan, Rick Hustead, Mike Anderson and Dave Hahn’s positions will be up for re-election this spring.
City of Wall, Fire Department, Ambulance and Library bills were approved for payment.
Council reviewed the On-call schedule/Compensatory report.
Finance Officer Anderson informed the council that she will no longer be able to reimburse Jim Kitterman for his health insurance through payroll. It will be a regular payment and Kitterman will have to pay the taxes on it himself.
Council items: Morgan asked how Mayor Hahn is doing. C. Anderson stated that he is sitting up, talking and doing well.
Items up for discussion. John Kitterman approached the council about the Municipal League grant that he has filled out and needs a signature from one of the council to complete the grant. The grant would be for a chair that would replace an old one that the ambulance had. The chair costs $3400 and the grant would cover $1400 with the ambulance having to cover the remaining $2000. Kitterman noted that it is a pretty vital piece of equipment and would make it easier for the patient and ambulance crew.
S. Anderson asked C. Anderson to gather information for the next meeting on the Pennington County Commissioners who are talking about publishing the county commission meetings in a different paper rather than the Pennington County Courant.
Council approved to change the next regular meeting to Tuesday, January 10 at 6:30 p.m.
With no other business the meeting was adjourned.