Update on teenager Jennifer Nelson

Green Day in Philip ... It’s news when so many basketball fans wear green in support of Jennifer Nelson’s hopeful double lung transplant. The December 14 boys’ and girls’ games saw fans on both sides wearing a splash to a drenching of green. KOTA Territory News cameraman Shad Olson recorded it to be aired on the Friday evening news.

Jennifer Nelson took a "bump in the road" on Thursday, December 14, during one of the preliminary double lung transplant tests. She had to be put in intensive care. At last report, she was stabilized, but sedated.

Even though this is a bit discouraging we have to remember what a little fighter Jenn is and please keep your eyes on the goal.

KOTA television was at the Philip/Stanley County basketball game Thursday night to report on the audience dressed in green, the color representing organ transplants. The footage was aired on KOTA sports on Friday evening. There was also an article on Jennifer and her family in The Rapid City Journal last weekend.

We had a $3,000 day on Thursday with a check of $2,000 being presented at the basketball game by the family of Steve Kroetch; accepting it were Jenn's grandmothers, Rose Nelson and Lyndy Ireland. People's generosity and outpouring of support for Jenn truly amazes and humbles us.

We are looking forward to a celebration of Jennifer's health.

According to her mother, Nicki, Jenn was doing better on Friday, December 15, and things are looking up. Jenn was still pretty "out of it" at times, but she had written a note to her parents that she wanted the ventilator tube taken out of her throat and she would like to get her own clothes back on. That made us laugh; when Jenn is feisty you know she is feeling better.

The family has moved over to the Ronald McDonald house for the next couple of days. Nicki said it is very close to the hospital and has a shuttle service.

It sounds as if they may have to head back to Omaha from Minneapolis in a few days. Please pray for them and that they may be home for Christmas and for continued strength for Jennifer.

We have heard from Westminster Presbyterian Church and also from the local Lutheran churches, the Evangelical Free Church, and the United Church. All of their offerings on Christmas Eve will be for Jenn. Jesse's brother ran into a man at Menard's the other day, and the man handed Jesse's brother $100.00 for Jennifer. It just leaves us in total awe at the outpouring of love and generosity.

God Bless you All --- none of this could happen without all of you.