Traffic to be slowed at children's intersection

by Del Bartels

The Philip City Council's meeting Monday, June 6, was chaired by councilman Greg Arthur.

The grand total of bills to be paid as of June 6 is $78,020.25.

The otherwise 20 miles per hour speed for vehicle traffic in Philip will be slowed to 10 mph on West Elm Street and N. Dakota Avenue. A stop sign will be posted for traffic exiting the mobile home court at that intersection. This is to protect children playing near there and walking through that area.

Jennifer Henrie addressed the council, "Personally, I've seen near misses. The important thing to me is the safety of the kids. My ultimate goal is to make that area safer."

Councilwoman Shirley Chin agreed, "Somebody's going to be hurt."

Finance Officer Monna Van Lint said, "All the signage may not slow this traffic. It's all helpful, but may not do the trick. It will take a cooperative effort by the entire neighborhood."

The Scotty Philip Wagon Train special events permit submitted by Glenn Parsons for the Philip Chamber of Commerce has been approved.

Approved building permits are for George Ainslie to replace a tarp on a temporary shed, Tom Foley - replace a sewer line, the Haakon County Library - erect a sign in the boulevard area, Larry Kochersberger - enclose decks, Shirley O'Connor - fence, Philip Livestock Auction - sewer line repair, Corwin Thorson - replace driveway, Terry and Barbara Wentz - sewer line repair/replacement, Don Haynes - 12'x16' shed on an existing concrete pad. Greg Arthur plans to replace a 8'x12' shed with 12x20 shed, move a deck, and add concrete slab and sidewalk. Philip Horizon's will do landscaping in the county parking lot that will include putting in a bronze statue, fence, plants, trees and possibly remove the library sign. The West River Museum building will be removed and the land leveled, with a temporary fence and signs around the demolition site.

A building permit request by Don Ravellette to install a semi-circular concrete drive has been tabled until the next council meeting.

A malt beverage license has been transfered from the Gas Stop to the new business of the Corner Pantry. Other malt beverage licenses approved were for the Sundowner Bar, Rock 'N Roll Lanes, Morrison's Pit Stop, Dakota Bar and the 73 Bar and Lounge.

The city's employee health insurance with Dakotacare has gone up 9.9 percent, and accepted by the city.

Swimming lessons at the city swimming pool will be held during the weeks of June 27, July 11 and July 25.

The update on the chronic water loss with the city's water supply is optimistic. Councilman Michael Vetter said, "It's flatlined at a low level."

West River/Lyman-Jones water company has secured its pump station at the Missouri River from flooding. Oahe Dam will soon be releasing 150,000 cubic feet of water (7.4 gallons in a cubic foot) per second. The burms around the station are good. That station supplies water to the treatment plant that feeds fresh water to much of west-central South Dakota, including Philip. Vetter said that a back-up protection plan is already in place and that materials for a plan C are in route. "Philip is lucky in that we have the Creighton wells," said Vetter.

The city office will be closed Monday, July 4, in honor of the Fourth of July holiday.

The next regular city council meeting will be at 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 5, in the Haakon County Courthouse community room.