Track and field opens at Harry Weller Invitational

The Harry Weller Invitational track meet at Kadoka on Tuesday, April 14, was the first meet of the season for the Philip Scotties.

"I was really pleased with the way the kids came out," said coach Jerry Rhodes. "It was our first meet and we really haven't had any real track time. They got out there and performed well. You can see that with some of their personal bests."

Brandon O'Dea was chosen as the Scottie Athlete of the Meet for the boys team. Josie Guptill was chosen as the Scottie Athlete of the Meet. "They showed a lot of effort and leadership," said Rhodes.

There were 16 to 18 teams represented. The boys earned three, first place medals. In the long jump, O'Dea launched off a 19'4.5" distance, doing his personal best. In the 400 meter relay, the Philip first team of O'Dea, Rob Williamson, Tate Guptill and Jeff O'Connell clocked a time of 46.90 seconds, and as a team set their personal best. O'Connell won the 400 meter dash in a time of 52.90 seconds, also setting his personal best.

The Philip boys earned three, second places. In the 3200 meter relay, the team of Anthony Iwan, Beau Ferguson, William Coyle and Zane Pekron ran the course in 9:18.69. In the 1600 meter relay, O'Dea, Guptill, B. Ferguson and O'Connell finished in a time of 3:52.1. In the shot put, Karch Foley threw a distance of 43'10.5", taking second place behind Bennett County's 47'9.75".

The girls earned two, first place medals. In the 4x200 relay, the Philip team of Colby Smith, Molly Coyle, Guptill and Kady Pinney took first place in a time of 1:58.70. Guptill won the 300 meter hurdles in a time of 52.60 seconds.

The Philip girls earned two, second places. Only eight-tenths of a second behind Kadoka, Philip's 1600 meter relay team of Kayla O'Connell, Coyle, Holly Iwan and Guptill earned second place with a time of 4:38.90. Guptill ran 17.80 in the 110 meter hurdles.


Shot put

Foley, 2nd, 43'10.5" (personal best)


Foley, 7th, 113'10"

Long jump

O'Dea, 1st, 19'4.5" (personal best)

Williamson, 3rd, 18'8.75" (personal best)

Marcus Martinez, 16'00"

100 meter dash

Colin Van Lint, 12:02 (personal best)

Tate DeJong, 13.11

Ryan VanTassel, 14.81

200 meter dash

Foley, 26.02

Van Lint, 26.46

DeJong, 22.45

400 meter dash

O'Connell, 1st, 52.90 (personal best)

Van Lint, 1:02.34

Kelvin Ferguson, 1:10.32

VanTassel, 1:15.5

800 meter run

Coyle, 4th, 2:26.1

Pekron, 2:31.03

Colter Cvach, 2:31.22 (personal best)

1600 meter run

Coyle, 4th, 5:28.6 (personal best)

Pekron, 5:35

Anthony Iwan, 5:40

3200 meter run

Cvach, 7th, 12:57.21 (personal best)

K. Ferguson, 14:11.00

High hurdles

Martinez, 22:14 (personal best)

300 meter hurdles

Martinez, 50.17

DeJong, 53:64

400 meter relay

Team 1 - O'Dea, Williamson, Guptill, O'Connell, 1st, 46.90 (team's personal best)

Team 2 - Van Lint (best time), Iwan (best time), B. Ferguson, Foley), 4th, 48.80

800 meter relay

Guptill (best time), Williamson, B. Ferguson (best time), O'Connell, 1:39.78

1600 medley relay

Guptill, Williamson, O'Dea, Iwan, 3rd, 4:15.7

3200 meter relay

Iwan, B. Ferguson, Coyle (best time), Pekron, 2nd, 9:18.69

1600 meter relay

O'Dea, Guptill (best time), B. Ferguson, O'Connell, 2nd, 3:52.1


Shot Put

Kenzy Pinney, 8th, 28'3.5" (personal best)


Kenzy Pinney, 78'

High hurdles

Guptill, 2nd, 17.8

300 meter hurdles

Guptill, 1st, 52.60

Smith, 60.13

100 meter dash

Kenzy Pinney, 14.18

LaRae VanTassel, 15.5

Krista Wells, 16.03

Kaci Olivier, 16.5

200 meter dash

Kady Pinney, 30.1

Kianna Knutson, 33.4

Jordyn Dekker, 35.18

400 meter dash

Knutson, 1:13.90

Allison Pekron, 3:36.89

800 meter run

Knutson, 3:03.34

Pekron, 3:36.89

1600 meter run

Holly Iwan, 5th, 6:28

Pekron, 8:10

400 meter relay

Team 1 - O'Connell, Kenzy Pinney, Coyle, Kady Pinney, 3rd, 55.13

Team 2 - Smith, Olivier, VanTassel, Schofield, 7th, 60.9

800 meter relay

Smith, Coyle, Guptill, Kady Pinney, 1st, 1:58.70

1600 medley relay

Smith, Kady Pinney, Schofield, O'Connell, 6th, 5:07.3

3200 meter relay

O'Connell, Schofield, Coyle (best time), Iwan, 7th, 11:14.4

1600 meter relay

O'Connell, Coyle, Iwan, Guptill, 2nd, 4:38.9