Todd Enders is new game warden

Todd Enders is the new conservation officer for Haakon County and the part of Jackson County north of the White River.

Having started on October 23, Enders is not deterred by becoming the region’s game warden just before deer season.

Enders is originally from Interior, South Dakota. He has spent some years in Wyoming, but now is again close to family and home. Todd Enders is currently single. He remembers many of the older people near Interior, but, “Whether they remember me or not might be a different story.”

Enders’ training includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Wyoming. He has been a contract biologist for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. He has spent 12 weeks at the law enforcement academy in Pierre. Field training included six weeks in the Platte area, three weeks in Spearfish and three final weeks in the Parker area southwest of Sioux Falls.

A game warden’s area can overlap with other game warden areas, if needed. Enders can also be in quick contact with all other law enforcement agencies, as well.

Enders wanted to be a game warden for a long time and he is already very busy. The majority of the work is out in the field, but all the reports have to be done by the fifth of the month. Enders stated, “It’s pretty busy and it’s going to become busier when deer season starts.”