Terry Henrie is new physician's assistant

Terry Henrie is the new physician's assistant at Philip Clinic. Terry and his wife, Jennifer, and their 8-1/2 month old son, Reese, have moved to Philip where the people are "warm and inviting."

Terry Henrie is the new physician’s assistant at the Philip Medical Clinic.

Henrie and his wife, Jennifer, both grew up in the Rapid City area. He was schooled at the School of Mines, the University of Minnesota, and most recently at Billings, MT. Henrie will be practicing family medicine under the licensure and guidance of Dr. George Mangulis, Dr. David Holman, and Dr. Coen Klopper.

Henrie’s PA licensing requirements will soon be fulfilled for South Dakota and nationally. Henrie will also be staffing the Kadoka Clinic.

Henrie knew that the Philip Medical Clinic was looking for a PA. He states, “You don’t usually find a facility like this in smaller communities. This is top notch.” He continues, “I am really looking forward to building patient-provider relationships; and social relationships are an equally exciting prospect.”

Having lived in Minneapolis, Chicago, Sioux Falls, and Billings; Henrie says those were not the environments to raise a little boy. The Henrie family wanted to get back to West River. Both sets of grandparents are in Rapid City. Terry and his wife, Jennifer, each have siblings there as well. Terry says that Jennifer is the shining star of the partnership. Though she has had a career in marketing and business, they will settle into Philip and into family time with 8 1/2 month old Reese, then see where it goes from there.

“Exactly what we’ve anticipated is what we’ve seen. We are impressed with the constitution of the community and the people. They are warm and inviting.” Henrie continues, “And I’m looking forward to more outdoor activity; hunting and fishing.”

Henrie, adopting a bedside humor, says, “We’re also expecting that warm and balmy winter we were promised.”