Terry Henrie and family to be in Texas for year-long emergency medicine residency

Professional improvement is a family affair ... Jennifer and young Reese Henrie will be with Terry in San Antonio, TX, during Terry’s year-long Physician’s Assistant residency in emergency medicine.

Physician's Assistant Terry Henrie has been accepted to continue his professional training in an emergency medicine program at the Health Science Center of the University of Texas in San Antonio.

The family - Terry, Jennifer and three-year-old Reese - will be leaving Philip at the end of August 2007, then will return early in September 2008.

Terry will still be classified as a Physician's Assistant, though will have extensive specialized experience. "For about a year, I've been thinking about ways to enhance my skills and become better trained," said Henrie. "Residencies for PAs are rare, with only two programs in America, one at Hopkins in Maryland and one at San Antonio. Combined, they have room for only 10 PAs per year.

"I'm quite happy with my choice of being a PA. I just want to be as good of one as I can be. This residency is quite intense and the skills you pick up are critical. You hope you never have to use them, but if you need to ... you want to be proficient," said Henrie.

"They (Health Science Center) provide the educational opportunity and the job, per se, but the living accommodations are up to you," said Henrie. Jennifer and her sister were in San Antonio earlier this week looking for a place for the family to live.

"Kent Olson (Philip Health Services, Inc. administrator) has shown nothing but support, as has the hospital board," said Henrie. "It's beneficial for everybody. The down side is that poor Dr. Holman and Dr. Klopper's workload will increase. But, I'm sure they'll be looking for repayment when I get back a year from now. Actually, this hospital is always looking to hire an extra person if the right person comes along."

Henrie continued, "Given the nature of practicing medicine in Philip, you have to be adept at handling emergencies and emergency medicine. I feel this residency will enhance my skills. I do think that I'm in for a big shock in leaving our hospital, its phenomenal staff and the way we do things. I can only perceive the residency as it being medical factory work. Here everyone bends over backwards to help each other. It's an outstanding environment. I can only presume due to the sheer size and volume that a lot of that is lost there.

"The emergency room there sees up to 400 patients per day," said Henrie. "San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States with 1.3 million people. Because there are so many patients who are underserved, underinsured, very sick, very injured, it will be an appropriate place to get this kind of training."

The Henrie family has been part of the Philip community since September of 2004. "The thing that I'll miss the most is just knowing most of the people," said Jennifer. "It's so anonymous there. In Philip you can chat with everyone. When we were there for the interview, it was so tough to not wave at everybody; people looked at us like we were weird."

Terry agreed, "San Antonio has all the things that a big city has to offer - professional sports, shopping, restaurants, Sea World, the Alamo, the Riverwalk, the world champion Spurs basketball team - and all the headaches that a big city has to offer - traffic and all the other stuff. We have mixed anticipation and apprehension about moving and living there, but it's only for a year. We've made such great friends since moving here; that's always tough (to leave)."

Terry related about his son, "Reese is really excited. Of course, he thinks that you go to Texas by going to the Rapid City airport and going up an escalator. When he and his grandma met us when we came back from the interview, we simply came back down the escalator. We have been reading him books about Texas, though."

Terry closed with, "Hopefully this will be the last time I have to live in a big city, but we are going to take advantage of what it has to offer and take it all in."

And Jennifer joked, "Before we leave, I think we'll have a big party to clean out our freezer."