Terkildsen family is candidate for KSFY Extreme Home Makeover

Naomi (Vaughan) Terkildsen, former Philip resident, and family are candidates for home makeover.

KSFY, the local Woonsocket, South Dakota, ABC affiliate, has selected four families from four different towns to be candidates for their $10,000 Extreme Home Makeover promotion.

One of the families selected is the Bill and Naomi Terkildsen family of Woonsocket. Bill Terkildsen is the son of Frances Terkildsen of Kadoka and Naomi is the daughter of Lee and Roberta Vaughan of Philip.

They know what it means to go without. When Naomi was only 17, she had Ashlynne, who was born without a left hand. Ashlynne has been through many surgeries and now has a prosthetic arm. Currently eight years old, she continues to be a positive child and “a real go-getter,” according to her parents. This “never quit” attitude was displayed when she was three when she learned to tie her own shoes.

The Terkildsen’s two-year-old son, Noah, was born with lung cancer. They have been struggling with his progress since they didn’t do chemotherapy initially. There is a possibility that at some point he might have to undergo the chemo, but the family is optimistic that it will not be necessary.

They had started to remodel their home to make room for their family of five. Not only were they slowed down financially because of medical expenses, but also because Naomi unexpectedly became pregnant with her fourth child – Hannah is now 10 months old.

The family is a perfect candidate for the KSFY makeover. Since they still haven’t finished their remodeling efforts, they could certainly use the home furnishings. None of the children have beds. Ashlynne and Matthew sleep on air mattresses. Noah sleeps with mom and dad, and Hannah is in a playpen in the corner of their bedroom.

A teacher at the Woonsocket school recalls one time when Naomi came to school crying and completely overwhelmed. Usually, though, when one speaks to this brave mother, her drive, happiness, and desire to be a good mother are apparent. Her motto is “Just take one day at a time.”

Home furnishings and accessories will be provided from Montgomery’s in Sioux Falls and Madison, as well as home appliances from Mahlander’s in Sioux Falls.

The KSFY crew visited the Terkildsens in Woonsocket on October 4. The story is to air November 13. The viewers will vote on which of the four families will win the $10,000 Extreme Home Makeover. Voting will be open at KSFY.com after the final story airs on Sunday, November 27. The winning family will be announced on Wednesday, November 30, at 10:00 p.m. during the KSFY news.