Summer intern at Ravellette Publications

Journalism major ... Karissa Kuhle will be receiving hands-on experience in all aspects of the journalism field during her summer internship at Ravellette Publications, Inc. Kuhle, a second year student at South Dakota State University, will be helping mostly to put together each issue of the Pioneer Review, but will also assist with sister newspapers.

Karissa Kuhle, a second year student at South Dakota State University, will be doing summer internship work at the Pioneer Review newspaper.

Her first day was Friday, May 28, and she will getting hands-on experience through early August. She is looking forward to "becoming more comfortable with writing and how everything works in the journalism field. I did some while working on my high school newspaper, but not this extensive," said Kuhle.

Kuhle said that one of the reasons she is interested in journalism is, "I liked doing the work my senior year in high school when I was a co-editor for the Howard High School Tiger Roars newspaper. I liked writing stories. I was a lot better at English than I was at math. My English teacher picked me and one of my friends, saying she was sure we could handle it, and asked us to be that year's co-editors."

As a journalism major specializing in advertising, Kuhle found her way to Ravellette Publications, Inc. by way of networking with other people. "I had met and became good friends with Andrew Brech from Philip. I was looking for an internship position and his father mentioned the Pioneer Review. I looked into it, talked with General Manager Kelly Penticoff and was given the opportunity to work here for the summer," said Kuhle.

Kuhle will be given on-the-job training in all aspects of the newspaper business. To add to her experiences, she will also help out at some other Ravellette newspapers.

"I will do some picture taking, proofreading, story writing and whatever else they need me to do. I know something about photography from high school and am a little familiar with Photoshop," said Kuhle. "My parents were glad that I got the position. They said it would be a good experience, and that I would learn a lot in a short period of time." Kuhle's father, Dan, owns a heating/cooling business in Howard and her mother, Tami, is a third grade teacher.

"I like Philip. It's small like Howard. It seems there are a lot of nice people and businesses here," said Kuhle.