Strategic plan outlines next five years of growth for Haakon County Public Library

As the Haakon County Public Library Board of Directors works on a new library facility, they have created a five-year plan that outlines operations and growth areas.

The strategic plan states that the library’s mission is to expand educational opportunities for the adults and children of the community. This would be done by enriching their lives through full access to information, entertainment, service and lifelong learning.

The board has eight main goals they want to accomplish within the next five years.

Goal one is that all residents of Haakon County have free access to the library’s information that is necessary for the residents to assist them in their work, education, and daily life. To accomplish this goal they would like the library to be handicapped accessible (currently wheelchairs cannot fit through the door), and to improve the computer station so the public can access more computers.

The second goal is to provide services to the youngest members of the community in order to improve their reading and study skills. To help achieve this goal, an area would be set aside as a children's reading and activity area. Preschool programs would be developed to help educate those kids. Also an after school program for older learners would be developed.

Goal number three involves enough space and materials for students in middle school through post-secondary school. A study area would be set up for these young adults. Programs for this age would be developed to encourage them to use the library more.

The fourth goal is to provide materials necessary to address a patrons desire for reading enjoyment. This could include self-directed study, lifelong learning and personal growth and development. A space would be set aside for the adults to quietly read materials while at the library. They would also like to include adult based programs such as a weekly book club.

Goal five is to continue to increase the library’s collection of books, audio books, and other learning materials. To do this the library would continue to evaluate books in the library and revise it as needed.

They will also review children’s books for damage and remove as needed. For adult fiction and non-fiction, all out of date literature will be removed. This does not include books with historic value. They plan to increase the number of non-fiction items such as history, self-help, biographies, etc. from its current 1,823 to 2,100 titles by July 2008. They also want to increase the adult fiction by 10 percent and documentary films by 10 percent of all videos. In addition they want to add periodicals to the library. is to build the new library and establish a foundation that would fund operating expenses.

Goal number seven involves the library’s board, its staff and the Friends of the Library and other interested individuals to expand the library services. This would include additional staff and expanded library hours.

The last goal is to actively promote the use of the library by the county’s residents. This could be done by having events at the library, taking library materials to other events and using the media to keep the public informed of what is happening at the library.