Stephanie O'Connell wins 3-D saddle at National Barrel Horse Association state finals

Stephanie O’Connell of Philip won the 3-D saddle. She is shown here with State NBHA President, Della Amdahl.

District Six National Barrel Horse Association members competed at the 2006 state finals in Huron May 26 and 27, 2007, with 206 barrel racers in the open, 64 barrel in the youth and 31 senior barrel racers.

Four state championship saddles were awarded in the open division. Two were won by local area cowgirls. Stephanie O'Connell of Philip won the 3-D saddle and Chelsea Shearer of Wall won the 1-D saddle.

First go of the open

Open 1D: 1. Chelsea Shearer. 5. Jodie O'Bryan. 10. Jodie O'Bryan. 12. Lissa Papousek.

Open 2D: 4. Shannon Olson. 11. Jamie Iverson.

Open 3D: 1. Toree Gunn.

Youth 1D: 4. Shandra Stromer. 14. Jessica Luedeman.

Second go of the open

Open 1D: 2. Shearer. 4. Shearer.

Open 2D: 3. Shelsey Hight. 10. O'Bryan.

Open 3D: 2. Stephanie O'Connell. 4. Georgeann Addison. 11. Papousek. 14. Melanie Acosta.

Open 4D: 10. Holly Schaack. 13. Addison.

Youth 1D: 3. Shearer. 4. Sandra Stromer. 10. Marla Kelly.

Youth 2D: 3. Sonnie Gartner. 10. Papousek. 12. Luedeman.

Youth 3D: 1. Morgan Frein.

Senior 2D: 3. Ethel Frein.

Average winners for open:

Open 1D: 1. Shearer, saddle and jacket. 5. Shearer, day planner.

Open 2D: 5. Hight, day planner.

Open 3D: 1. O'Connell, saddle and jacket. 5. Papousek, day planner. 7. Addison, stadium blanket. 8. Kathleen Carlson, sweatshirt.

Open 4D: 2. Addison, buckle and headstall.

Youth 1D: 3. Stromer, fly sheet. 7. Marla Nelson, stadium blanket.

Youth 2D: 2. Luedeman, buckle and headstall. 4. Sonnie Gartner, halter. 6. Bailey Tibbs, tie down. 7. Papousek, day planner.

Youth 3D: 2. M. Frein, buckle and headstall.

Senior 2D: 5. E. Frein, day planner.

At the state finals, each contestant donated $1 to "tough enough to wear pink".

Jodie O'Bryan and Angela Lytle showed their support about breast cancer awareness and received certificates for the creativity in displaying the color pink.