State "B" golf for five Scotties

Philip's Dak Carley made a solid drive on this Par 3 hole at the State "B" golf meet. He ended the tournament with a 161 for 19th place.

For the 2005 State “B” Golf Tournament, the boys golfed at the par-72 Brookings Country Club and the girls at the par-70 Edgebrook Golf Course. The two-day meet was held Monday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 24, in Brookings.

Philip's Dak Carley drifted somewhat with a score of 83 on the first day, but came back well during the second day’s play with a 78. He finished in a tie for the 19th position with a total score of 161. Last season, Carley tied for 16th.

Scotties’ Brit Miller played an 85 on the first day and finished with a 167 total score. Fred Foland shot a 91 on the first day and totaled with a 179. Jordan Smith had a 102 the first day and a 197 tournament total

Out of 22 boys’ teams at the state golf tournament, the Philip boys’ team came back from the 13th position on the first day to place ninth for the tournament.

The Philip Scotties sole representative on the girls’ state “B” team was Tara Ravellette. She played a 104 on the first day and finished with a 208 total.

Boys individual scores day 1

74 - 82 (29 players)

83-Dak Carley and 12 others.

84-(15 players)

85-Brit Miller and 7 others.

86-90 (31 players)

91-Fred Foland and 8 others.

92-101 (39 others)

102-Jordan Smith

103 -113 (7 players)

Boys individual scores total

151 - 159 (18 players)

161-Dak Carley and 2 others.

162-166 (15 players)

167-Brit Miller and 3 others.

168-178 (51 players)

179-Fred Foland and 2 others

180-196 (43 players)

197-Jordan Smith and 1 other.

199-222 (16 players)