Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tourney

Winning team ... Coming in first at the annual Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament this year with a score of 31 was the team of Andrew Reckling, Dak Carley and Caleb Clements.

by D.J. Rush

The eighth annual Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament was held Sunday, June 20, at the Lake Waggoner Golf Course.

A total of 20 teams entered the nine-hole tournament. There were three flights in the shotgun-start, three-person scramble meet. The tournament is held every year to support the Spud Gittings Memorial Scholarship for second-year college students who graduated from Philip High School. Last year's recipients were Nathan O'Dea and Zane Fees. This year's raised funds were $750.

Any tie-breakers in this year's tourmament were broken by team scores from the number three hole. The higher team, of several with the same total score, is listed first.

Winning the tournament this year with a score of 31 was the team of Dak Carley, Andrew Reckling and Caleb Clements. The second place spot went to the team of Trace O'Connell, Brit Miller and Brad Haynes with a score of 32. The members of the team taking third place were Colt Fitzgerald, Glenn Parsons and Mike Groven who shot a 34. A three-way tie of 35 was shot by three teams. The first was Tristen Rush, Matt Griffin and Don Ravellette. The second was Corky Thorson, Dean Fitzgerald and Dave Fitzgerald. And, the third was Rick Thorson, Doug Thorson and Don Thorson. The final team in the championship flight was Jake Fitzgerald, Chad Ramsey and Brooke Parent, who shot a 36.

The first flight top score of 37 was a tied score by the team of Ryan Seager, Pat Seager and Tanner Seager and the team of Duane Hauk, Toby Hook and Allen Hauk. Two teams shot a 39 for the day. The first was Ron Mann, Mike Moses and Jerry Thompson, and the second was Dana Kerns, Doug Hauk and Brennan Hauk. Three teams shot a day's total score of 40. The first was Flo Falzone, Irv Jones and Kent Fairchild. The second was Brant Sundall, Lance Sundall and Randy Reckling. The third team was Brad Kuchenbecker, Radley Kennedy and Tyler Hauk.

The second flight top score of 41 was a tie shot by the team of Jeff Rieckman, Bill Slovek and Scott Brech and the team of Bruce Kroetch, Marshall Carr and Jack Tysdal. Two teams also tied for second in the flight with a score of 42. They were the team of Branden West, Zach West and Mike Miketa and the team of Tyler Fritz, Dustin Michael and Dale Riecker. Jody Gittings, Quentin Riggins and Walt Schaefer shot a 43. As a team, Jordan Hauk, Brandon O'Dea and Colin Van Lint shot a 48.