Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament

The fifth annual Spud Gittings Memorial Golf Tournament took place on Sunday, June 17, with 22 three-person teams.

Every year this tournament gets bigger, and this year it brought in over $700 to fund the Jamie Gittings Memorial Scholarship at the Philip High School. There were donations given by Irv Jones of Jones' Bottle and Vet and Matt Mangulis. Also, many players gave donations during and after play.

Championship Flight

Trace O'Connell, Jake Fitzgerald, Dak Carley - Total: 30 (First Place)

Brad Haynes, Doug Hauk, Brennan Hauk - Total: 32 (Second Place)

Colt Terkildsen, Landon Peterson, Brad Burns - Total: 33

Irv Jones, JP Jones, Justin Inhoffer - Total: 33

Tasha Ravellette, Tara Ravellette, Tonya Ravellette - Total: 34

D.J. Rush, Tristen Rush, Pat Stout - Total: 34

Duane Hauk, Toby Hook, Allen Hauk - Total: 35

Tyler Hauk, Brook Parent, Chad Ramsey - Total: 35

First Flight

Mike Moses, Dennis Moses, Glenn Parsons - Total: 36 (First Place)

Matt Reedy, Cory Elshere, Nathan Nielan - Total: 37 (Second Place)

Don Ravellette, Ron Ravellette, Bart Naaza - Total: 37

Brant Sundall, Randy Reckling, Tom Lesselyoung - Total: 37

Bill Walker, Clint Waara, Darrell Terkildsen - Total: 37

Monte Sandal, Joe Carley, Jim Bob Eymer - Total: 39

Corky Thorson, Jody Gittings, Roger Thorson - Total: 39

Gary, Jake, Bob (Team from Rapid City) - Total: 39

Second Flight

Bill Slovek, Scott Brech, Jeff Rieckman - Total: 40 (First Place)

Matt Mangulis, Jennifer Mangulis, Cheryl Iverson - Total: 40 (Second Place)

Branden West, William Morrison, Austin West - Total: 41

Elliot McQuirk, Casey Slovek, Colt Terkildsen - Total: 41

Lars Gittings, Lans Gittings, Leo Gittings, Jake Tisdale - Total: 44

Quetin Riggins, Cody Riggins, Charlie Dale - Total: 63.