Special city council meeting for land use

Invited back by the Philip City Council, Seth Hyberger of the Central South Dakota Enhancement District, collected more detail and direction on projected land use in and around Philip.

As a member CSDED, the city of Philip must follow agreements and resolutions to prepare as best as possible for future expansion. Hyberger is a planner who will create a map of Philip and the close-by county area to show the best possibilities.

The city council presented geographical limitations and political preferences toward this future map, which should be completed within two months. A public hearing will be held to approve the comprehension plan as shown on the map. A final plan must be approved before the end of this calendar year.

Industrial businesses, such as Scotchmen Industries, would require highway access and ample utilities such as electrical power, water and sewer. Commercial businesses, smaller in nature, would require many of the same items, though on a smaller scale. Residential buildings potentially follow where businesses go. For example, if a large retail store or grocery store were to be built along Highway 14, new residents would wish to build new houses nearer to those businesses.

The city must plan now for future expansion or relocation of the rubble site. The council has a history of not looking into eminent domain, instead wanting to acquire land amicably through purchase or mutually desired annexation.

The city must plan for expansion of the sewer lagoons. If more sewer lines must be bored under the Bad River, the expenses must anticipated now. The same applies to fresh water lines. Roads may have to be planned in anticipated additional crossings of the Bad River.

The city council will start discussions with the Haakon County Commissioners toward some kind of mutual agreement on zoning and planning of land within a specified distance of the current city limits. A house should not be built in the best spot for an industrial site. A hog production should not be started upwind of a prime residential area.