Sixty celebrations for 60th anniversary

From left: Jerry and Gladys Morgan, Audrey (Morgan) and Bob Singer, and Connie and Billy Parsons.

by Del Bartels
Bob and Audrey Singer will be married 60 years this coming December 12. That may be notable, but how they are celebrating may be even more so. Between now and then, they will hold 60 miniature celebrations.
Their first was a triple date with two other couples at the Gem Theatre, Sunday, July 29. The very first movie that Audrey saw was “Gone With the Wind” in the Gem Theatre.
Bob had to admit that the first movie he ever went to was “whatever was on.” Joking that the current Gem Theatre management might not allow necking by the audience members during the show, Bob said, “They used to.”
Bill and Connie Parsons, Philip, joined the Singers’ first celebration. Bill’s first movie years ago was most likely a western. Connie could easily remember that her first ever movie was “Lassie,” because “I cried all the way through.”
Jerry and Gladys Morgan also joined the Singers. Jerry recalled that his very first movie was “My Friend Flicka” and Gladys thought hers was whatever was the popular movie of the day.
Each mini-celebration will have present a small photo plaque that holds their wedding picture and photos of their children and grandchildren. Attendees to these celebrations will receive a paper napkin – what appears to be a peach colored recreation of the napkins at their wedding reception, with that date engraved on it.
Other events will include a meal with a dinner group they belong to, cake and flowers at their church, “and there will be another movie or two, because that seems to be the place you go to when you’re dating,” said Audrey.
“One reason we wanted to do it that way was because all our friends are so spread out,” said Connie. “We will bring the party to them.” The Singers live in Rapid City, but some of those other places will include Billings, Mont., St. Paul, Minn, and several spots in California. “We went out to California about 60 years ago to seek our fame and fortune. Been seeking it ever since,” said Connie.