September 27, 2012


Blast from the Past … From the archives of the Pioneer Review

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Blast from the Past … From the archives of the Pioneer Review
84 Years Ago September 27, 1928 The auction sale held by William Peterson last Wednesday, September 19, at his farm near Cottonwood was well attended and good prices realized for everything sold. Milk cows brot as high as $115 each. Jud Pepper was the auctioneer of the sale. Local News … For the obstinate cough we have White Pine cough syrup with cod liver extract. Severin Drug Co. 75 Years Ago September 23, 1937 Temperatures as high as those usually experienced in midsummer were the lot of Philip community over the weekend. The hot spell came suddenly after several nights last week had threatened frost. The first of the recent heat came on Friday, when the high school football men were forced to take to the field in their heavy garb while the mercury stood at 90˚. Monday, September 20, however, was the record breaker. Thermometers downtown registered all the way from 95˚ to 102˚. With the average date of first killing frost very near, such high temperatures are decidedly unusual. Carl Lindgren, courthouse custodian, points out that this the latest date in any year since the new building was opened that the furnace has not been started. Grindstone News … Around the neighborhood – Nelsons and McClures report light frost in their gardens. – Mrs. McClure was exhibiting a plum branch that had so many big wild plums on it the to lift it was like lifting a club. – Paul Walters is trying to tell us that Iowa is a better state than South Dakota, and Bill Hazen thinks that Wisconsin is. Beats all, the notion folks get – Geo. Kennedy wore a nice crop of black whiskers at the church party. You’d think George would sort of concentrate on raising hair on top of his head, instead of so much on his face and eyebrows. – Mrs. Floyd Hauk rode 30 miles horseback Thursday and it was pretty hard on her, as she isn’t used to riding so far. When John Eggen was showing the blisters on his hands, Sally said he could take her word for it, she had a lot worse blisters than that. – At freshman day in Philip Joe Price made a nifty looking girl. – The men who went to club and Rickards Wednesday were roped in on the threshing crew. All except Bill Gotts and Teets; they were all dressed up like a couple city dudes and refused to join the threshing crew. Next time club meets there you can bet all the men will be dressed up; Rick was too smart for them this time, but they learned. – John Ruesink has five kids now. Also four nanny goats. – Bryce Kennedy got a leg hurt playing football. He doesn’t know how it happened, and isn’t much interested. What he’s interested in is getting it tracking right again so he can play football some more. – Edna Buls was asked why she didn’t sell her cucumbers. “Why should I sell them when I have so much fun giving them away?” she laughed. Hilland News … The pupils and teacher of the North Schoening School enjoyed a hike and picnic Thursday. Lowell Knutson, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knutson, of Grindstone, suffered painful lacerations when a horse he was leading crowded him against a wire fence last Tuesday. He was brought to Philip for treatment. About 30 stitches were needed to close the wounds. 50 Years Ago September 27, 1962 Miss Gail Irene Jones and Michael Micek were married Saturday, September 8, by Rev. Edward S. Balfe in a double ring nuptial in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Philip. *** Donald G. Witt has been assigned as administrator of the Hans P. Peterson Memorial Hospital at Philip. Witt replaces Ray Lambert who transferred to Union County General Hospital at Clayton, New Mexico. *** Seven Philip High School students were busy “thanking God” they were alive following what could well have been a most tragic accident as they were returning from the football game at Martin Friday night. According to a release in the Rapid City Journal, Robert Patton, 17, driver of the car missed a curve on Quiver Hill 15 miles south of Kadoka. State Motor Patrolman Malvin Schmoll said the car travelled 655 feet, but never turned over. The vehicle left the road and travelled approximately 300 feet in the air down the side of the hill scraping a 16-inch thick pine tree and coming to rest with the front end in a washout at the bottom of the hill. The car was a 1960 Chevrolet owned by Floyd Millage. In the car besides the driver were Richard Perez, Duane Miller, Donna Martin, Judy Noteboom, Betty McIlravy and Ron Millage. The vehicle was a total wreck. The students were able to get out of the car and climb the 100 feet or more to the highway where they stopped an unidentified motorist who went on to the nearest phone to notify the patrol. 25 Years Ago September 24, 1987 Moenville News … Billy and Arlyne Markwed received word by phone that they have another grandson, a baby boy born September 19 to Rod and Kim Kurtz at Aberdeen. They have two other sons, Trent and Todd, and they have named the new baby Daniel James and he weighed 8 lbs. and 10 ozs. Billy and Arlyne went to Aberdeen to see the grandson Sunday and stayed overnight. Social News … An open house honoring Evelyn Paulson on her 75th birthday will be held Sunday, October 4, at the Bad River Senior Citizens Center. Olga Patton took her sister, Mabel Patton, and Martha Ferguson out for a belated birthday dinner for Mabel on Sunday. Mabel’s birthday was September 9. Bad River Senior Citizens Kitchen Band went to New Underwood Friday where they played at the retirement home to their 49 residents and employees. Those playing were Alice Brooks, Pearl Couch, Bessie Vaught, Stena Royer, Eva Riddell, Irma Aby, Marky Meeks, Iva Brooks, Bessie Burns, Beth Burns, Estelle Seguin, Ethel Osburn, Martha Ferguson and Evelyn Anderson. Ottumwa … Matt Heeb celebrated his eighth birthday Tuesday after school by inviting his school friends home for an evening of games, movies, pizza and birthday cake. Wanda Heeb arrived back home Friday from a 22-day bus tour, which took her from Mitchell to Duluth, Minn., then into Canada where most of the time was spent sightseeing. They went east to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, then south to the United States and home through Wisconsin.

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