Second break-in at Midland business

During the early morning hours of Thursday, July 2, the Midland business of Just Tammy's Bar and Grill was burglarized.

The establishment had also been broken into and looted on April 9. It once had video lottery machines for use by its customers, but they had been removed before the first burglary.

Entrance for the latest break-in was made through the back door sometime after the business was closed around 12:30 a.m. The metal door had been secured from the inside with a vertical cross beam braced from one side of the door frame to the other. The burglar, or burglars, caused heavy damage to the door. The bottom of the door was bent outward by using "some kind of prying tool," said Haakon County Sheriff Larry Hanes. The security bar was taken off of the back door and the burglar(s) left by the same door.

The business owner, Tammy Williams, discovered the break-in at approximately 6:45 a.m. and called the the sheriff's department. After arriving at the scene, Hanes, according to procedure, called in the South Dakota Department of Criminal Investigation.

Three coin operated machines were broken into; a jukebox, an electronic dart board and a mega-play touch screen game machine. An undetermined amount of money from the machines and also some other money was taken. The cash register was not broken into. Hanes said, "As a general rule, most places do not lock their tills. They leave them open, because someone breaking into them can cause an expensive amount of damage. There was probably more cost in the damage done to the door and the three machines than the amount of money that was taken."

The burglary is still under investigation.