Scotties zero out Irene-Wakonda Eagles in the first round of football play-offs

Philip High School hosted its first round of football play-offs on Tuesday, October 28, against the Irene-Wakonda Eagles. The final score was a 24-0 walk-away win for the Scotties.

Philip 8 0 16 0 = 24

Irene-Wak. 0 0 0 0 = 0

At the 3:23 mark in the first quarter, Philip's Jeb Stewart carried the ball the remaining four yards to score the game's first touchdown. Mick Trask rushed in the two point conversion and the score was 8-0. The Scotties held the Eagles until the clock's 1:29 point. The Eagles punted to the 16-yard line and the Scotties took over.

Though the second quarter remained scoreless, it was full of action and audience appeal. At 11:20 on the play clock, Philip recovered its own fumble, but was soon forced to punt. The return brought the ball back to the Eagle's 54-yard line. Irene-Wakonda immediately fumbled, recovering with a loss of 10 yards. They then completed a long pass, only to fumble the ball to the Scotties on the 37-yard line. Philip tried to rush forward, but at the clock's 7:51 mark, ended up punting. The ball bounced and rolled to the Eagles 31 yard line. Philip, through a quarterback sack, forced the ball back even further. A tremendous Eagle punt sailed the ball to the Philip 34-yard line, where an immediate Scottie fumble gave the ball to the Eagles on the line of scrimmage. At 5:02 and at 4:10 on the clock, Philip created two more quarterback sacks. Taking possession, the Scotties ran the ball into the end-zone, only to have it brought back because of a foul. The first half ended 8-0.

Four minutes into the second half, Philip's Karch Foley ran the ball the remaining nine yards for a touchdown. He then carried it in for the two point conversion. The score was 16-0. At 4:42 on the clock, and on the 50-yard line, the Eagles fumbled the ball. The Scotties recovered 15 yards closer to their goal. The Philip drive ended at 3:18 with Foley going the last seven yards for a touchdown. The last score of the game came with Foley driving in the two point conversion for a score of 24-0.

The rest of the third quarter was not boring. Philip's squiggle kick went to the 37-yard line. An Eagle drive peaked with a nice pass down to the 27-yard line. It was followed by a bad hike that dropped the Eagles back to the 40. Another long pass attempt ended up in the hands of Philip's Stewart at the 15. The Scotties began working the ball forward. With 57 seconds left in the third quarter, Philip played a beautiful run, but the ball was stripped out of the carrier's hands and the Eagles gained possession. They, though, immediately fumbled and recovered with a tremendous loss of yardage. With 17 seconds to go, the Eagles passed long. Their receiver was popped hard and fumbled to the Scotties.

The fourth quarter was back and forth play with few score-threatening plays. The highlight was an interception by Philip's Rob Williamson at the 3:17 time mark.

The Scotties earned 27 first downs to Irene-Wakonda's 19. The home team had seven penalties, compared with the Eagles' five.

Philip rushing leaders: Foley ran the ball 20 times, averaging 6.6 yards for a total of 132 yard. Andrew Brech ran nine times, averaging 8.6 yards and a total of 78. Colin Van Lint totaled 75 yards in 13 carries and an average of 5.8 yards. Tucker McDaniel ran the ball six times for a total of 29 yards and an average of 4.8 yards. The passing game saw Stewart throwing twice, with both being completions for a total of 14 yards.

Philip defensive leaders: Troy Guptill, earned one solo tackle and eight assists, and was credited with one quarterback sack. Foley got two solos and eight assists. Mick Trask assisted with seven tackles, one being a quarterback sack. Andrew Brech got two solos, five assists and two fumble recoveries. Tate Guptill got one solo, and four assists, also credited with a quarterback sack.