Scotties wrestlers take second place at Lyman Mid-Dakota Monster Tournament

The Philip Scottie team traveled to Presho to compete in the Lyman "Mid-Dakota Monster" Wrestling Tournament Friday and Saturday, January 9 and 10.

The tournament's championship team was Hot Springs, ranked number nine in Class A. Philip, ranked number five in Class B, took second place at the tournament. Tyler Frost of Gettysburg, the 103-pound champion, was tournament MVP.

"The Mid-Dakota Monster ran as smoothly as I thought it could," said coach Chad Johnson of Lyman. "Obviously if the gym were a little bigger there would be more room for the 21 teams and the fans, but we can't change that. The attendance was great, there were great matches, and there were no injuries to speak of, so I am very pleased how it went overall. It was a very exciting team race between Hot Springs, Philip and Winner. It came down to the finals to see who would come out the 2009 Mid-Dakota Monster Champion."

Lane Blasius, 103 lbs.

•decisioned by Dylan Konechne (Kimball/White Lake), 4-5


•major decision over Chandler Sudbeck (Philip), 16-0

•decision over Trace Meyer (Winner), 3-0

•pinned Dakota McTaggart (Newell), 4:59

•decision over Dylan Jones (Spearfish), 6-1

•decisioned by Korbin Bely (K/WL), 1-4

•decisioned by Dylan Konechne (K/WL), 1-2.

Chandler Sudbeck, 103 lbs.

•major decisioned by Lane Blasius (Philip), 0-16

•pinned Israel Appel (Sunshine Bible Academy), 3:13

•decisioned by Garrett Keegan (Cheyenne Eagle Butte/Dupree), 8-9

Dace Kelly, 112 lbs.


•pinned Donnie Bradford (Saint Thomas More), 1:06

•decisioned by Seth Ireland (Bennett County), 2-6

•pinned Tee Knight (CEB/D), 1:20

•major decision over Aaron Soulek (K/WL), 10-0

•pinned Matt Stoeser (Stanley County), :28

•pinned Seth Ireland (BC), :48

Travis Nelson, 119 lbs.


•pinned Naok Tasato (Rapid City Central), :43

•pinned Lucas Martin (Mobridge), 1:43

•decision over Eric Kaiser (Gettysburg/Hoven), 10-3

•pinned Phillip Rickenbach (Hot Springs), 4:24

Clint Stout, 119 lbs.


•pinned Dalton Bely (K/WL), 3:43


•decisioned by Andy Nelson (Spearfish), 5-6


•pinned by Phillip Rickenbach (HS), 2:40

Tanner Radway, 125 lbs.


•forfeit by Domingo Tamaya (Todd County)

•pinned by Cody Novotney (Winner), 4:08

•pinned Seth McCann (Newell), 4:16

•decision over Will Dobesh (STM), 9-4

•decisioned by Nick Monlieth (Spearfish), 0-4

•pinned by Ian Muirhead (Lyman), 2:32

Reed Johnson, 125 lbs.


•pinned by Chantry Norman (SC), :44


•pinned by Ian Muirhead (Lyman), :20

Jesse Williams, 125 lbs.

•major decisioned by Matt Stoeser (SC), 0-13

•decision over Alex Buchholz (HS), 7-0

•decision over Max Sauer (Mobridge), 6-0

•decision over Aaron Soulek (K/WL), 4-2

Tucker McDaniel, 130 lbs.

•pinned Zach Ayers (Winner), 1:56

•pinned Spencer Moody (Spearfish), 1:15

•decision over Ronald Fickbohm (Newell), 7-1

•pinned by Taylor Scherer (BC), 4:22

•major decision over Jesus Meza (Hill City), 16-6

•decision over Logan Phelps (HS), 5-2

Blake Lobdell, 135 lbs.

•pinned Joe Zwetzig (Newell), :27

•pinned Kristian Borah (Mobridge), 3:34

•decision over Cecil Heeb (Philip), 6-0

•decision over Brendan Waterson (Spearfish), 9-1

•decisioned by Cole Ramey (HS), 1-3

Cecil Heeb, 135 lbs.

•decisioned by Blake Lobdell (Philip), 0-6

•decision over Josh Robison (HC), 7-5


•pinned Lane Scott (Lyman), 3:30

Troy Guptill, 140 lbs.


•major decision over Jerred Tarrell (HS), 16-0

•pinned Dylan Madsen (Lyman), 4:21

•pinned Taylor Novotney (Winner), 1:23

•decisioned by Blaine Schmidt (G/H), 3-5

Andrew Brech, 145 lbs.


•pinned Terrence Clifford (RCC), 1:54

•decision over Ricky Seaman (SBA), 15-7

•decisioned by Tim Hathaway (Mobridge), 6-13

•major decision over Terrence Clifford (RCC), 15-0

•decision over Ricky Seaman (SBA), 15-7

Roger Davis, 145 lbs.

•pinned by Kyle Koepke (K/WL), :55

•pinned by Connor Sell (BC), 1:52

Bodhi Lytle, 152 lbs.


•decision over Travis McDonald (RCC junior varsity), 13-5

•decision over Blake Burnham (Winner), 5-2

•major decisioned by Josh Schmidt (G/H), 3-14

•decision over Evan Soulek (K/WL), 7-5

•decisioned by Blake Burnham (Winner), 1-5

Ross Julson, 152 lbs.

•decision by Tim Hathaway (Mobridge), 1-9

•decision over Ryan Trundahl (Winner), 9-3


•pinned Phillip Heinrich (Lyman), 2:00

Tate Guptill, 160 lbs.


•pinned Ken Kortuem (SBA), 1:08

•decisioned by Logan Reuman (Lyman), 3-5

•decision over Tony Crackel (Custer), 7-3

•pinned Sage Till (CEB/D), 2:02

•decisioned by Lane Nightingale (K/WL), 2-3

•decision over Levi Jensen (Mobridge), 7-4

Chance Knutson, 171 lbs.


•pinned by Steve Storms (Winner), 1:32


•pinned Kolby Brooks (CEB/D), 4:07

•won by forfeit

•decisioned by Drew Hicks (BC), 5-9

•pinned by Justin Hunt (SBA), 1:54

Karch Foley, 189 lbs.



•pinned by Jayd Docken (Winner), :32

•pinned Ryan McLaughlin (RCC), 1:19

•decisioned by Keenan Cronelison (SC), 6-9

•pinned Taylor Wickersham (Newell), 4:37

Clint Nelson, 215 lbs.

•pinned Josh Konechne (SBA), 2:18

•pinned Matt Soap (RCC jv), 1:36

•pinned Jace Melvin (SC), 4:27

•decisioned by Derrick Walton (HS), 8-11

•pinned Charles Eagle Bull (RCC), 4:04

•pinned Tucker Risse (BC), 1:56

Mick Trask, 275 lbs.


•pinned Bobby Twiss (RCC), 5:10

•pinned Alix Tayler (Mobridge), 3:24

•pinned Jacob Franks (Red Cloud), 1:50

•decisioned by Skyler Eriksen (Lyman), 4-11.

Exhibition matches included:

Jesse Williams

•Dominic Bradford (STM), no score recorded

•decision over Aaron Suvek (KWL), 11-2

Cecil Heeb

•decisioned by Bruce Jacobs (Pine Ridge), 4-6

•decision over Dylan Severyn (Custer), 8-4

Ross Julson

•decisioned by Ricky Seaman (SBA), 1-2

•pinned Terrence Clifford (RCC), 1:23

The next wrestling tournament for the Scotties will have them hosting the Philip Tournament on Friday and Saturday, January 16 and 17. The first day's competition will begin at 4:00 p.m. and the second day begins at 9:00 a.m.