Scotties trounce Jones Co. Coyotes 40-8

This Jones County Coyote (in blue & orange) was unable to gain any aid from his teammates as a pile of Scotties stop his momentum. The Scotties took their second win of the season at Murdo on Sept. 5th. They will host the Harding County Ranchers this Friday night in Philip.

The Philip Scotties traveled to Murdo on Friday, September 5, to challenge the Jones County Coyotes. In a lop-sided contest, Philip defeated Jones County 40 to 8. The season record for the Scotties is now 2-0.

Philip scored several times in the first quarter, first when Scottie's Casey Cvach rushed 26 yards into the endzone. Jeff O'Connell caught a Jeb Stewart pass and ran the ball in for the extra two conversion points. Later, Cvach carried the ball in 12 yards for another touchdown. The extra point attempt failed. Stewart threw an eight-yard pass to Tate Guptill for another touchdown. The extra point attempt failed.

In the second quarter, Philip's Karch Foley carried in a 22-yard pass from Bodhi Lytle. The first half ended with the Philip Scotties leading 20-0 of the Coyotes.

The second half began with Cvach rushing 44 yards to score. The extra point attempt again failed. Next, Lytle rushed the ball over the one remaining yard to score. Travis Nelson rushed for the successful two point conversion for a score of 28-0.

The Jones County Coyotes finally scored in the fourth quarter, when Kyle Venard caught a 30-yard pass from Tyler Buxcel. Murdo's Brad Fuoss caught a Scott Nix pass for the conversion. The final score was a 40-8 victory for Philip.

The Scotties earned 18 first downs. Philip had three penalties, while Jones County had four.

Foley had three kickoffs for a total of 136 yards, averaging 45 yards each. Richie Baye did four kickoffs for a total of 132 yards, averaging 33 yards each. Cvach's only punt went 35 yards. Stewart ran two punt returns for a total of 13 yards. O'Connell's only punt return settled for no gain and stopped any possible yardage loss.

Offensively, Cvach ran a total of 130 yards on 10 attempts. Wyatt Kammerer ran 117 yards on 10 attempts. Andrew Brech ran 73 yards in seven attempts. Lytle claimed 12 yards on four attempts and one interception. Stewart threw for two completions out of three throws, making a total of 11 yards and one touchdown pass. Lytle threw two completions out of six attempts, making a total of 36 yards and one touchdown pass.

Defensively, Brech claimed 15 assisted tackles. Colin Van Lint got two unassisted tackles and 10 assisted tackles. Mick Trask had three unassisted tackles, nine assisted, and one quarterback sack. Tate Guptill got two unassisted tackles and six assisted tackles. Kammerer helped the team with four unassisted tackles and six assisted tackles.

The next game for the Scotties will be the first to be played on Philip's re-topped field. They will host the Harding County Ranchers at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 12.