Scotties surprise Eagles, but lose 39-7

The Philip Scotties football team hosted long-time rivals the Wall Eagles, Friday, October 14.

The first quarter belonged to the underdogs, the Scotties. Despite Wall's defensive efforts, Philip had quickly worked its way down to the five-yard line. The ball was then handed to Cody Reder, who rushed it in for the game's first touchdown. Philip' Chaney Burns kicked the ball through the uprights for the extra point. With 8:05 still on the clock, the score was Scotties - 7, Eagles - 0. For the first quarter, Philip held Wall scoreless, even forcing them to punt.

For the rest of the game, the Philip passing game attempted to make up for lost yards due to penalties, but could not do it. The first quarter ended with Wall taking advantage of several Philip penalties to reach the 27-yard line. Three seconds into the second quarter, Wall rushed to the goal line, then completed a conversion play, to take the lead 7-8.

With less than six minutes left in the second quarter, Philip attempted a field goal. It was blocked, Wall grabbed the live ball and ran it to their own 45-yard line. Two minutes remained in the half when Wall rushed the remaining 10 yards for a touchdown. The conversion was good and the score was 7-16. Philip attempted a fast game, including a completed cross-field pass, to eat up yards. An incomplete pass with four seconds on the clock ended the half.

The third quarter saw another Wall touchdown and successful conversion to put the score at 7-24. Using audience-pleasing plays, such as a far-reaching punt to Wall's 18-yard line, the Scotties kept Wall back for the rest of the quarter.

The fourth quarter saw two more touchdowns by Wall, a 45-yard rush and a one-yard rush. The first was followed by a successful pass conversion and the second by a extra point kick. The game ended 7-39.

Philip's passing game had Tate DeJong complete eight throws out of 10 attempts for a total gain of 94 yards. The entire game was far closer than the scoreboard showed, when comparing first downs. Philip racked up 24, compared to Wall's 18. Philip ballcarriers totaled a gain of 194 yards. Reder rushed 31 times for a total of 157 yards, Jade Berry carried four times for 17 yards, Lane Scott once for 11 yards and Cassidy Schnabel five times for nine yards.

Defensively, the Scotties boasted several leaders. Scott earned five solo tackles and assisted in seven more. Reed Johnson had one solo, nine assists and two quarterback sacks. Schnabel got two solos and seven assists. Reder assisted in eight tackles. Trey DeJong added three solos and four assists.

The last regular season football game for the Philip Scotties will be at Kadoka, Thursday, October 20, against the Kougars, starting at 7:00 p.m. The first round of playoffs will be Tuesday, October 25. The second round of playoffs will be October 31, with semi-finals November 5 and the 9A finals in Vermillion, November 11.