Scotties stopped on run to State by Kimball

Blocking for the ball carrier ... Casey Cuny and his blockers worked well together, but not well enough against the Kimball Kiotes.

Philip 6 0 12 8 = 26

Kimball 6 16 6 20 = 48

Temperatures below 20 degrees and a biting wind out of the north had some bearing on the game. Passing was limited, though sometimes still effective. At least one kick was blown backward a bit from where it would normally have come down. The audience disappeared out of the wind during halftime, but cheered enthusiastically - if not only for school spirit, then to also keep warm.

The first quarter was the same, yet different for each team. A Kimball fumble was recovered by Philip. The next play turned out to be a Philip fumble recovered by Kimball. A long Kiote run set up a following touchdown for them. The conversion attempt failed. The Scotties, on the other hand, used a series of first downs to work their way to their touchdown. Casey Cuny carried the ball the last yard to score. That conversion attempt also failed.

A half minute into the second quarter, the Kiotes again used a long run to set up a touchdown which came in another half minute. The conversion was good. A Kimball pass was dropped by the intended receiver, who was left alone by the Scottie defense. Moments later the same play worked for long yardage. With 1:18 left in the half, the Kiotes scored. The conversion was good. The gun sounded just before Kimball could take advantage of a long-yardage interception against the Scotties.

After warming up during halftime, the two teams traded touchdowns. Philip's came through a 10 yard run by Jake Mathews. Both conversion attempts failed. Eight minutes into the third quarter, Kimball intercepted a Philip pass. A minute and half later, the Scotties recovered a Kiote fumble. They used this as a springboard and, with only a minute remaining, Zane Fees ran in the last yard to score. The conversion attempt failed.

The Kiotes took four minutes to score in the fourth quarter. Their conversion was good. Just over a minute later, the Scotties used a 80-yard Mathews' run to score their own touchdown. Their conversion was also good. Kimball then overpowered the Scotties the rest of the quarter, with a touchdown and failed conversion at the 4:51 mark and another touchdown and failed conversion at the 2:26 mark.

Philip rushing: Mathews - 12 carries for 183 yards and two touchdowns; Cuny - 16 for 87, one touchdown; Allen Hauk - 8 for 46; Fees - 8 for 27; and Nathan O'Dea - two for 17, and one interception for six yards.

Tackling: Lincoln Smith and Michael Westerberg - 5 solos and 9 assists each; Mathews - 4 solos, 14 assists; Fees - 3 solos, 8 assists; and Casey Elshere - 3 solos, 6 assists.

Philip earned 12 first downs, to Kimball's 15. The Scotties lost 15 yards to two penalties, the Kiotes lost 46.5 to seven penalties.

The Philip Scotties ended their 2006 season with an 8-2 record.