Scotties outscored by Buffaloes

The Philip Scotties versus the Stanley County Buffaloes football game Friday, September 30, started fast.

Before the first five minutes ticked off of the clock, Stanley County scored on a 34-yard rush. A successful two-point conversion put the scoreboard at 0-8. Philip retaliated by giving the ball to Cody Reder who went in for a 23-yard touchdown. Philip's Cassidy Schnabel carried in the conversion and the score was tied. The Buffaloes then broke through the Scotties line to go 83 yards for another touchdown. The conversion was good to put the score at 8-16.

Stanley County squiggle kicked to Philip, but the Scotties retained possession, eventually driving to the seven-yard line. With the clock reading 4:13, Reder rushed in for the touchdown, then caught a Tate DeJong pass for the converions. The first quarter ended 16-16.

The second quarter started with a long Stanley County pass that was blocked by Philip. The next pass, though, was good for a 36-yard touchdown. The conversion was again good. Only 10 seconds into the second quarter the score was 16-24. During Philip's ensueing possession, the ball was stripped from Reder's grasp, causing the first real turnover of the game. Philip tried for revenge, forcing the Stanley County offense back to the point that their desperation punt play was fouled, forcing the ballcarrier temporarilly into their endzone during the play. Philip gained possession and handed Schnabel the ball for a three-yard touchdown. The extra point attempt failed and the score was 22-24. With only seconds left in the first half, Stanley County spiked a play, rushed a play, and spiked the ball again to continually stop the clock. Four seconds and as many yards were enough for the Buffaloes to score again. The whistle blew and the first half ended 24-30.

Stanley County's squiggle kick backfired when one of their players touched the ball before it had gone 10 yards. Philip started the second half on the 50-yard line. This start did not pan out, though. Eventually, the quarter witnessed a Buffalo 63-yard touchdown. The extra point attempt failed for a score of 24-36.

The fourth quarter saw back and forth play. Philip piled up statistics offensively and defensively, but could not get across the goal line. Philip suffered two Stanley County touchdowns, one of 30 yards and the other of 22 yards. Both conversions were good. The game ended 22-52.

Philip racked up 19 first downs, compared to Stanley County's 15. Penalties were four for 35 yards against Philip, and nine for 70 yards against Stanley County.

Philip's defense was led by Reed Johnson with 18 assisted tackles and two quarterback sacks, Schnabel with four solo tackles and 12 assists, DeJong with one solo and six assists and one sack, Quade Slovek with nine assists and one sack, and Reder with three solos and six assists.

Philip attempted seven passes. DeJong threw four times for a total of 32-yards gained. Reder threw three times for no gain.

Philip rushing showcased Reder, who was given the ball 30 times for a total gain of 216 yards. Schnabel carried seven times for 36 yards, Lane Scott three times for 15 yards, and Jade Berry two times for a total of five yards.

The next game for the Philip Scotties will be at Lyman against the Raiders, Friday, October 7, starting at 6:00 p.m.