Scotties host Philip Invitational Golf Meet April 23

Philip High School hosted the Philip Golf Meet at the Lake Waggoner Golf Course Friday, April 23.

Participating schools included Philip, Wall, Jones County, Hill City, Newell, Bennett County, Rapid City Christian, Rapid City Stevens junior varsity, Red Cloud and St. Francis.

The Philip boy's varsity team took second place with a total score for three players over 18 holes of 315.

According to Philip golf coach Doug Hauk, "The Philip tourney will be this Friday and the Conference on Saturday. It looks like we will have similar weather as last week at the Elks, cool and lots of wind. Wall looks to be the team to beat in the conference and at the Philip Invite."


Wall "A" total 286

Darick Eisenbraun 38+44=82

Lane Hustead 48+50=98

Les Williams 51+55=106

Trey Richter 52+63=115

Philip "A" total 315

Richie Baye 53+56=109

Devon Ehlers 50+52=102

Colton Nickelson 56+55=111

Tristen Rush 53+51=104

Newell "A" total 321

Seth McCann 52+55=107

Dakota McTaggart 65+66=131

Bradly Hunt 52+58=110

Matt Komes 48+56=104

Wall "B" total 336

CJ Schulz 56+64=120

Tucker O'Rourke 63+81=144

Cory Hertel 50+50=100

Ryder Wilson 50+66=116

Newell "B" total 340

Ethan Pauley 46+56=102

Brad Kari 58+65=123

Will Orwick 50+65=115

Hill City best three 343

JD Anderson 48+52=100

Evan Callis 54+67=121

Shane McDonald 56+69=125

Brady Groves 58+64=122

Rapid City Christian total 371

Brady Zietlow 69+65=134

Matthew Babb 57+61=118

Shane Wagner 59+60=119

Wall "C" total 417

Cody Harris 80+75=155

Clancy Lytle 62+62=124

Tyrel Clark 64+74=138

Jones County

Carson Moore 46+42=88


Red Cloud total 357

Tiarra Little 51+53=104

Kelsey Richards 65+58=123

Laura Red Cloud 64+66=130

St. Francis total 402

Darien Quick Bear 73+71=144

Sissy Brave 47+65=112

Kristen Brave 83+63=146

Sam Two Stroke 0+55=55

Bennett County

Kimmy Seherer 0+67=67

Haley Peil 0+67=67

Shiann Allen 0+81=81

Hill City

Erin Jarvis 53+55=108

Katlynn Langenbau 74+70=144

Hanna Lesewski 0+75=75


Autumn Schulz 51+49=100

Laura Anderson 55+63=118


Jordan Trohkimoinen 43+46=89.