Scotties handed loss by Buffaloes; win first game of season over Edgemont

No way, Buff … Nathan O'Dea (43) and Austin Bowen (21) refused to let a Stanley Co. player retrieve this rebound at the Dec. 16th game in Philip. Improving skill still wasn't enough to win the game.

Philip vs. Stanley Co.

The Stanley County Buffaloes could have challenged the abilities of any team. Though the Scotties lost 41-55, the competition is going to be less daunting farther into the season. Even during this game, impressive defense on both sides kept the score low.

The Philip Scotties boys’ basketball team is starting to understand how to play “organized ball.” That is the term Coach Guptill uses as opposed to playground ball. Passing, set-ups, box-outs, rebounds and a team effort are all visibly improving. Moments of the action were a taste of the excitement predicted by Guptill. Eventually the entire game will be one long run of such controlled speed and precision.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th F

Philip: 11 10 6 14 41

Stanley Co.: 13 11 21 10 55


Philip: Nick Heeb - 16, Nathan O’Dea - 9, Dana Kerns - 6, Andy Schulz - 5, Austin Bowen - 3, Justin Livermont - 2


Philip: 26; Philip leaders: Nick Heeb and Dana Kerns - 5 each, Austin Bowen and Dak Carley and Justin Livermont - 4 each

Stanley Co.: 30


Philip leaders: Dana Kerns - 3, Nick Heeb and Andy Schulz - 2 each, Nathan O’Dea - 1


Philip: Andy Schulz and Nick Heeb and Dana Kerns - 1 each