Scotties' first loss goes to Harding County, 8-16

Defense did not fare well for the Philip Scottie football players during their fourth game, and their first loss, of the season. The Harding County Ranchers greatly slowed the Scottie offense and ran over the defense to win the Friday, September 23, game 8-16.

Philip allowed Harding County to get within four yards of the goal line. The Ranchers took advantage of the position to run in the game’s first touchdown. The two point conversion was successful.

Philip allowed a 34 yard run that gave the Ranchers another touchdown. The two point conversion was again successful.

Philip came back with an out-of-the-blue 77 yard run by Dana Kerns to get on the scoreboard. The conversion was successfully run in by Bo Slovek.

Philip rushed for 123 yards; of these 117 were run by three players. Casey Cuny carried the ball 12 times for a total of 28 yards; Kerns had 8 carries for 85 yards; and Slovek had seven carries for four yards. Harding County rushed for 381 yards.

It was not a passing game. The Scotties tossed nine times with no completions. The Ranchers tossed four times with no completions, unless you count the pass that was intercepted by Philip’s Nathan O’Dea, who ran with it for nine yards.

Defensively, the Philip leaders for tackles were: Cuny with nine solos and 10 assists, Slovek - six solos and 11 assists, John Hart - nine solos and eight assists.

Philip achieved three first downs compared to Harding County’s 11.

The next game for the Scotties will be the Philip Homecoming at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, September 30, against the White River Tigers.