Scottie season ends with 18-22 loss to Sully Buttes in second round play-offs

Stretching for a few more inches ... Philip’s Karch Foley keeps putting the ball forward, even though it took two opponents to finally bring him down.

The football game between the Philip Scotties and the Sully Buttes Chargers was action-packed, exciting for the teams and the audience and was close.

The second round play-off game hosted by Philip on November 3 was the final game of the 2008 season for Philip. The 18-22 loss stopped the Scotties and sends the Chargers on the ladder toward State.

Philip 6 6 0 6 = 18

Sully Buttes 8 0 6 8 = 22

Philip's game-beginning kick put Sully Buttes on their 35 yard line, but a quick first down moved it up to the 45. The Chargers tried to prove their name with repetitive yardage gains. The Scotties did get possession on the 20, but a fumble, a referee going down and a Sully Buttes recovery put the visiting team on their own 14. A pass from Hayden Handcock to Tate Senftner got the first touchdown for Sully Buttes. Caleb Kemink ran in the two point conversion. The clock for the first quarter read 5:38 and the score was 0-8.

In the next five minutes, Philip returned the kick to the 42-yard line and began a series of 4th-and-inches first downs. Five seconds remained in the first quarter when Philip's Tate Guptill ran 31 yards for a touchdown. The extra point attempt failed and the score was 6-8.

A minute and a half into the second quarter, Philip's Colin Van Lint recovered a Charger fumble on the 36-yard line. The Scottie drive was eventually stopped with a loss of downs of only one yard to go. Philip then stopped the Chargers, who punted to the 40-yard mark. A slow advance, with several measured first downs, put Philip only 17 yards from the goal. With 2:55 left in the half, Philip's Andrew Brech rushed in the ball to score. Again, the extra point attempt failed. The half-time score was 12-8.

Third quarter action was nerve-racking, but scoreless until the last play, which used up the clock. Sully Buttes' Kemink rushed in the final three yards for a touch down. The extra point attempt failed and the score was 14-12.

Philip started the final quarter strong. Less than a minute and half in, Scotties' Jeb Stewart ran the ball 60 yards to the goal line. The extra point attempt failed, though Philip was once again ahead, 18-14. Play went back and forth, eventually putting the visiting team only two yards from their end zone. Remaining time was 3:49 when Sully Buttes' Kemink rushed those two yards to score. Ryan Yackley caught a Handcock pass for the two point conversion. The score was 18-22 as the clock ticked away. Getting possession for the last minute, Sully Buttes slowed its plays, eventually standing to watch the time clock wind down. The game ended 18-22.

Philip had earned 17 first downs, compared to Sully Buttes' 20. The Chargers had four penalties; a holding, off-sides, face mask and delay of game. The Scotties' were charged with one penalty; pass interference.

Philip rushing leaders were: Karch Foley with 51 yards total in 20 attempts. Stewart carried the ball four times for a total of 62 yards. Andrew Brech ran nine times for a total of 36 yards. Tucker McDaniel ran twice for a total of 16 yards.

Philip's passing game saw Bodhi Lytle passing three times for one completion and a nine-yard gain. Stewart passed four times for four completions and a 54-yard gain, including one touchdown pass.

Defensive leaders for the Scotties were: Mick Trask with two solo tackles and 14 assists. Nick Roseth added six assists. Tate Guptill made one solo tackle and nine assists, which include one quarterback sack. Clint Nelson added 11 assists. Troy Guptill earned four solos and five assists, one being a quarterback sack.

Sully Buttes will move on to the semi-finals on November 8. The State 9A Finals will be in Vermillion on November 13.