Scottie boys take conference track

Casey Cvach, left, and Jeff O’Connell will both be competing at state because of their 200 meter dash times of 23.4 and 23.3 seconds respectively

The Western Great Plains track and field varsity meet in Kadoka on Tuesday, May 5, "was a conference meet and both the Scottie boys and girls had an excellent day," said Philip head coach Jerry Rhodes.

The Philip boys won the meet with 133.50 points, well ahead of second place Wall's 117. Bennett County came in third with 91.50 points. The rest of the pack were Cheyenne/Eagle Butte - 75, Todd County - 69, Lyman - 68, New Underwood - 44, Jones County - 42, Kadoka Area - 29, White River - 26 and Rapid City Christian - 9.

"Overall it was a supreme effort by all the Philip athletes. They reached down and found an extra gear." said Rhodes.

The Scotties added state qualifiers in Casey Cvach and Jeff O'Connell in the 200 meter dash. Karch Foley threw a 46'7" shot put to qualify for state. Also qualifying for state and taking first at the meet were Brandan O'Dea, Cvach, O'Connell and Rob Williamson in the 1600 meter relay with a time of 3:34.90. O'Connell set a new Philip High School record in the 400 meter dash with a time of 51 seconds flat.

O'Connell won the 200 meter dash in 23.3 seconds and the triple jump with a distance of 43 feet and 3-1/2 inches. Cvach came in first in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.4 seconds. Colin Van Lint, O'Dea, Williamson and Cvach took first in the 800 meter relay with a time of 1:38.10.

The girls' 1600 meter relay team of Kayla O'Connell, Molly Coyle, Kady Pinney and Josie Guptill also qualified for state with a time of 4:18.80.


Shot put

Karch Foley, 2nd, 46'7"


Foley, 3rd, 130'6"

Long jump

Brandon O'Dea, 4th, 17'9-3/4"

Rob Williamson, 5th, 17'6-1/2"

High jump

Colter Cvach, 4th, 5'0"

Triple jump

Jeff O'Connell, 43'3-1/2"

100 meter dash

Casey Cvach, 1st, 11.04

O'Dea, 7th, 12.00

Colin Van Lint, 16th, 12.06

200 meter dash

O'Connell, 1st, 23.3

Casey Cvach, 2nd, 23.4

400 meter dash

O'Connell, 1st, 51.00

Colter Cvach, 11th, 59.60

Van Lint, 13th, 1:00.9

800 meter run

William Coyle, 6th, 2:19.60

Marcus Martinez, 2:34.56

Colter Cvach, 2:29.20

1600 meter run

Zane Pekron, 4th, 5:11.50

Coyle, 11th, 5:41.8

Kelvin Ferguson, 17th, 5:58.3

3200 meter run

Pekron, 6th, 11:44.03

Anthony Iwan, 12:14.90

Ferguson, 13:34.35

High hurdles

Martinez, 22.80

300 meter hurdles

Tate Guptill, 2nd, 47.80

Martinez, 9th, 51.5

400 meter relay

Guptill, Iwan, Ferguson, Foley, 5th, 48.40

800 meter relay

Van Lint, O'Dea, Williamson, Casey Cvach, 1st, 1:38.10

1600 medley relay

O'Dea, Williamson, Casey Cvach, O'Connell, 1st, 3:34.90

3200 meter relay

Beau Ferguson, Iwan, Pekron, Coyle, 2nd, 9:18.60

1600 sprint medley

Guptill, Williamson, B. Ferguson, Iwan, 4th, 4:07.50


Shot Put

Marissa Mann, 4th, 33'4"

Kenzy Pinney, 5th, 32'6-1/2"


Pinney, 8th, 83'7"

Long jump

Mann, 8th, 12'9-1/2"

100 meter dash

LaRae, Van Tassel, 18th, 15.40

Kianna Knutson, 21st, 15.90

200 meter dash

Van Tassel, 14th, 31.90

400 meter dash

Knutson, 13th, 1:15.60

800 meter run

Knutson, 5th, 2:52.00

Emily Schofield, 3:01.51

1600 meter run

Holly Iwan, 6th, 6:03.40

3200 meter run

Schofield, 4th, 14:17.10

High hurdles

Colby Smith, 7th, 21.10

300 meter hurdles

Kayla O'Connell, 1st, 50.90

Josie Guptill, 2nd, 51.20

Colby Smith, 7th, 56.40

400 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Molly Coyle, Guptill, 1st, 54.30

800 meter relay

O'Connell, Smith, Coyle, Kady Pinney, 3rd, 1:57.20

1600 medley relay

O'Connell, Coyle, Kady Pinney, Guptill, 1st, 4:18.80

3200 meter relay

O'Connell, Schofield, Coyle, Iwan, 2nd, 10:54.30

1600 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Van Tassel, Iwan, 6th, 4:55.20