Scottie athletes compete at Winner's Pistulka Track and Field Invitational

Kayla O'Connell ... 300 yard hurdles.

The Winner Track Meet (AKA Bill Pistulka Invitational) on Friday, March 30, was a cold day with many Philip athletes not able to compete because of other school functions.

The boys' team took 5th place overall, while the girls' team took 8th place.

"Overall the kids did quite well at Winner considering how cold it was," said Head Coach Jerry Rhodes. "Hopefully, sometime next week we will be able to put together a full team to see what we have." The first track meet was on the same day as the Philip prom and this meet was during the Philip high school chorus trip to Minneapolis.


400 meter dash

Tim Wells - 8th place in 1:03.09

800 meter dash

Rob Williamson - 7th place in 2:30.09

1600 meter run

Anthony Iwan - 6th place in 5:35.97

3200 meter run

Kyle Iwan - 3rd place in 12:17.43

Zane Pekron - 4th place in 12:38.07

800 meter relay

Dexter Livermont, Nathan O'Dea, Jake Mathews, Casey Cuny - 5th place in 1:42.63

1600 meter relay

Jeff O'Connell, Rob Williamson, Tim Wells, Anthony Iwan - 4th place in 4:18.35

3200 meter relay

Anthony Iwan, Kyle Iwan, Zane Pekron, Kelvin Ferguson - 4th place in 11:06.72

1600 medley relay

Dexter Livermont, Jake Mathews, Casey Cuny, Anthony Iwan - 4th place in 4:22.56

High jump

Nathan O'Dea - 6th place with 5'4"

Long jump

Nathan O'Dea - 2nd place with 17'8.75"

Triple jump

Jake Mathews - 2nd place with 39'0.5"

Jeff O'Connell - 6th place with 33'6.75"


100 meter dash

Lindsay Mann, 7th place in 13.73 seconds

800 meter run

Kianna Knutson - 6th place in 3:05.19

1600 meter run

Misty Johnson - 7th place in 6:57.76

100 meter hurdles

Josie Guptill - 7th place in 22.62

300 meter hurdles

Josie Guptill - 7th place in 1:00.45

400 meter relay

Lindsay Mann, Beth Lawson, Molly Coyle, Josie Guptill - 2nd place in 57.5

1,600 relay

Lindsay Mann, Beth Lawson, Molly Coyle, Josie Guptill - 2nd place in 4:55.29

3,200 relay

Molly Coyle, Kianna Knutson, Katie Coyle, Misty Johnson - 2nd place in 13:00.30

1600 medley

Lindsay Mann, Beth Lawson, Molly Coyle, Misty Johnson - 5th place in 5:23.18

Long jump

Beth Lawson - 5th place in 11:06.0

Triple jump

Stacy Weller - 5th place with 29'6.25"

The next few track and field meets for the Philip Scotties are:

•the Todd County Meet in Mission on Thursday, April 5,

•the Kadoka Meet in Kadoka on Tuesday, April 10, starting at 10:00 a.m.

•a junior high meet in Lemmon on Friday, April 13, starting at 11:00 a.m.

•the Belle Fourche Meet in Belle Fourche on Saturday, April 14, starting at 9:00 a.m.