School to Work program could create a professional writer

Bailey Bergeson

The objective of the School to Work program is "to give students an occupational experience in an area that they have a career interest," said program director Brigitte Brucklacher. "They will find out if this is something they have an interest and an aptitude in and to pursue it or not."

This year there are 14 juniors and seniors in the program; ranging in training environments from newswriting to veterinary science to mechanics.

Students fill out a resume and go through the interview process, just as any applicant would when applying for a job. The year-long program consists of an hour of on-the-job training every school day.

"I decided to be in School to Work thinking the job training would be beneficial and an hour outside of school everyday was very appealing," said Bergeson, a senior at Philip High School who enjoys writing, as well as sports and other social activities. She is also employed part-time at the Philip Health Services as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA).

"I applied at The Pioneer Review because I am very interested in writing as a career option," said Bergeson. "My current job description is a variety of learning activities; from helping with news articles to the actual production of the paper. I am to become familiar with all aspects involved in the process.

"I love to read, anything really, and I think that is what lead to my love of writing. I am surprised by the ability the printed word has to captivate, to transport the reader to a whole different place. That's what I want, to be able to paint a picture with words so people can see what I see and to inspire emotion in others with nothing more than black ink and a piece of paper.

"I would like to write murder mystery novels along the lines of the television series CSI, but I just like to write in general. No, reporting on the outcome of the last chess tournament isn't exactly Hollywood, but I enjoy putting a twist on normal everyday factual things making them exciting and fun to read."

Writing has been a part of Bergeson for as long as she can remember. At a young age she would write her own storybooks composed of three word sentences and crayon pictures to match. "Sadly, I am no better of an artist now than I was then, but I am hoping to use this job to broaden my perspective of the entire writing process and further my abilities as a writer.