School inspections, contracts, expenses

The Haakon School District 27-1 Board of Education met at 7:00 p.m. Monday, October 18.

The members had begun tours earlier at 4:00 p.m. of the district properties and buildings. After inspecting the Philip buildings and the Milesville rural school, they finished at the Cheyenne rural school and conducted the scheduled monthly public meeting there.

Concerning the district's property, President Bill Slovek reported, "Overall, we are in good shape with our capital budget. We need to keep doing a little (upkeep and improvement) every year. We need to keep working on the parking lot between the buildings in Philip and things like that."

Four extra-curricular contracts have been approved. Brad Haynes is the assistant boys' basketball coach, Keven Morehart is an assistant wrestling coach, Terry Holman is the junior high girls' basketball coach. Deb Smith is the advisor for the high school annual.

Surplused computers, copiers, scanners and printers are open for bid by any interested party. These items are not guaranteed to be in working order.

The cost for substitutes during the month of September totaled at $1,802.50 for a total of 24.5 days. Hourly wages for September totaled $24,385.14 for a total of 2,198.24 hours of time by district employees. Pay to the board of education for the three last regular meetings came to a sum total of $1,050, with $150 going to each of the seven board members, $50 for the preparation and work at each meeting.

The South Dakota High School Activities Association has announced the result of a runoff election for the Small School Group Board of Education position. This group includes those schools with a 2008-2009 attendance of 332.70 and below. All members of the association received a ballot for this election. Todd Trask of the Wall School District was selected to serve a five year term on the SDHSAA Board of Directors.

Four board members attended a western region Associated School Boards of South Dakota meeting in Faith. One of the points of discussion was the idea of pay-to-play for school sports that some states and districts are looking into. IF there is pay-to-play, then little Johnny had BETTER play. Some students wouldn't, or couldn't, go out for any extra-curricular activities. The Haakon members agreed that schools contribute to their community, and communities contribute to their schools, often in indirect ways. Slovek said, "Some districts keep saying, 'we need more money, we need more money,' but they seem to never show concern to the taxpayer.

In his high school principal's report, Jeff Rieckman noted that October 21 is the end of the first quarter. Volleyball districts and football play-offs are coming up. Six athletes, the five members of the boys' team and one girl, have qualified to compete in the cross country state meet. The annual junior and senior Career Day at Rapid City will be October 21, with Philip students ending the day at the School of Mines. October 29-30 will be All State Chorus in Aberdeen. FCCLA will be bussing members to Albuquerque, NM, for a November 4-7 cluster meeting.

In his Superintendent's report, Keven Morehart said that the elementary assembly October 18 interested the students. It was about being active and eating healthy. During the annual Donuts for Dads breakfast, the cafeteria was packed and it again went well. October 21 will be Have Lunch with Your Student day. Four high school students are taking Advanced Placement courses, where they get high school credit as well as college credit for selected courses, though, Morehart admitted, "They are tough."

The next scheduled board of education meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. Monday, November 15, in room A-1 of the Philip High School.