School Board:schedulings, playground and scholarships

At the beginning of the meeting, Marcia West spoke on behalf of the Philip High School Alumni Board and thanked the school board for the use of the high school facilities during the All-School Reunion.

"It was just more than we ever expected," she said. "We served 1,453 people, and they all had a chair to sit on."

"It was well organized and a great time," said Superintendent and Elementary Principal Keven Morehart. "We appreciate you letting us be involved."

The board reviewed their five-year capital outlay plan. In this, they discussed the playground improvement project that has been underway for some time. Mostly they discussed the drainage situation and how the last time it rained 40/100s of an inch, the playground was turned into a large pond.

"It's going to be a bigger project than we originally thought," Morehart said. They discussed putting a concrete curb all around the edge of the playground and other options before deciding that the building committee should take a closer look at it and give a report at the next meeting.

Next the board scheduled a budget hearing for July 16 at 7:30 p.m. during the regular school board meeting. The agenda will be made up and looked over sometime this month and will be published the first week in July.

The board approved the elementary teaching contract for 2007-2008 of Erin McVeigh, who will be teaching at Milesville. They also approved transportation claims and the dates and times of 2007-2008 board meetings. They decided that they will only be moving the school board meeting out to Cheyenne or Milesville once a year instead of going to both. This year, they will hold their October meeting out at Milesville. Every other meeting will be held in town.

Anita Peterson reported on the Black Hills Special Services Cooperative (BHSSC). She said that in one week they received $30 million in grants. These will work to help programs such as Technology and Innovations in Education (TIE) which is "committed to the best thinking and practices in curriculum development, assessment, instructional practices, leadership and evaluation," according to the BHSSC website.

In the superintendent's report, Morehart mentioned a stock certificate from SAFECO, an insurance company, given to the alumni board by "Doc" Millstead. Millstead graduated from Philip High School in 1942, and his father was the postmaster in Philip for many years. A scholarship will be set up in September using the monies from the stock certificate. The board publicly thanked Millstead for his generous donation.

The next school board meeting will be held July 16 at 7:00 p.m. at the Philip high school in room A-1.