School board member Bill Slovek done

by Del Bartels

The Haakon School District 27-1 Board of Education meeting Monday, June 20, was the last official meeting of board president Bill Slovek's term.

"It's been fun and a real learning experience. I made more friends," said Slovek. In honor of Slovek's seven years on the school board, he was presented a keepsake pen set by Superintendent Keven Morehart.

The meeting times and dates for the board for the next year do not initially include a monthly meeting at either of the rural schools. If parents would like to continue the tradition of holding one meeting out of the year at either of the schools, they may arrange it a month ahead of their prefered monthly meeting date.

The public hearing for the 2012 budget will be at 7:30 p.m. during the board meeting Monday, July 18, in room A-I of the Philip High School. The board meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Transportation claims for the past school year were approved. Business Manager Britni Ross said, "Their paperwork is great. I have zero questions about it." Some parents had already taken advantage of the new policy of carpooling, thus receiving a different per mile pay scale that benefits both the carpool driver as well as the school district. Transportation claims totaled $32,075.84. Board Member Kelly Blair said this is less than the costs of the use of a bus and the wages of a driver.

The board approved the audit for 2011 to be done in late July, rather than during the beginning of next calendar year. Ross said, "This is just a formality to engage Casey Peterson (and Associates Ltd.) to come then for the audit."

Morehart said, "This is a compliment to Britni. They want to do the work before the state's audit."

Ross said, "I want to know what it's like to go into Thanksgiving and Christmas without this hanging over my mind. So, I'm okay with that." Refering to the Casey Peterson and Associates Ltd. desire to showcase the district's system, "When it comes to consistency, we've got it," said Ross.

The board approved an open enrollment application of a high school student from another district. Secondary Principal Jeff Rieckman said that most open enrollments occur the last few days, or even the day of, the beginning of classes.

Extended school year speech services have been approved for LaRae Carley, and extended school year special education services have been approved for Tony Reder, both at $18.00 per hour. Michelle Butler has been hired as an assistant cook and dishwasher at approximately 18 hours per week for next school year.

Claims payable as of June 20 came to a total of $100,631.38. This includes the last school year's transportation claims. Substitutes for the month of May cost the district $895.00 for the equivalent of 12.5 days of substitution. Hourly wages for May came to $19,181.31 for the equivalent of 1,707.75 hours.

A relatively short executive session was held for personnel reasons. No action was required.