School board gives go-ahead for alternative calendar

The School Board for the Haakon School District #27-1 spent last Monday inspecting the country schools, interviewing for a school superintendent for next school year, and conducting a scheduled school board meeting.

The annual country school inspection tour was predictably informative. The buildings and properties were noted. The teachers did have the opportunity to show off the students and the teaching programs.

The interviewing for a new superintendent will be an ongoing process until the right candidate is found. The position will then be offered to that candidate. The process will not be completed until the offer is accepted.

The board meeting had more than the usual number of school patrons in the audience. Some were there to hear the formal go-ahead for the next step toward a four-day school week. The board requested that the administration create a schedule and fulfill other requirements for adopting the alternative calendar for the 2005-06 year. Teacher contract negotiations will start in early February.

Deep Creek School will be starting its four-day school week on November 1st of this year.

The year-long planning requirements will begin for working a Title 1 School-wide program into the Philip Elementary. Instead of pulling students out of K-6 classes, the Title 1 instructors will be helping those students, and others, in the classroom. If qualifying conditions continue for one more year, the program will be available, but the year-long planning must be complete.

Board policy still stands concerning graduation requirements and ceremony attendance. More imput was requested and the issue is still on the board’s future agenda.

The favorable Haakon School District Report Card was clarified. The No Child Left Behind goal requires 100 percent of all teachers to be ‘Highly Qualified Teachers’ by next school year. Schools, such as Philip Elementary, with a zero percent rating, have zero requirements to still fulfill. A school with a 25 percent rating has 75 percent of its requirements currently fulfilled.

The recent parent teacher conference was well attended and successful. There was a steady flow of parents visiting with teachers.

In wrapping up the meeting, it was announced that the Haakon County Young Women had donated $1,500 toward visiting artists and corresponding activities. The board was also reminded that there will be a teacher in-service on October 22nd.