School board doing business while watching legislature financial plans

Many items are on hold until the South Dakota Legislature determines some school budgeting matters.

Funds have been set aside and have been accumulating toward trading up or purchasing a new school bus. It has been five years since the last acquisition of a bus. The school has no real need for an additional bus, so trading up is most likely. The discussion was put on hold for now.

The inclusion of an Industrial Arts position was discussed. One possible idea is to have a part-time position in Philip joining with a part-time position in a neighboring town, such as Kadoka or Wall. Mileage or some transportation compensation would have to be part of the plan. The topic was tabled so more investigation could be done.

A two-year contract for phone and Internet services, from July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2007, was approved with Golden West Telecommunications. The contract should save work and time for the school district.

The legislative issues that concern education are being monitored by the Haakon School Board as well as other boards across the state.

A recent food service inspection was detailed. The inspection ran the spectrum from utensils and equipment, to monitoring of the free/reduced meals program. Seemingly, the only main point that could be made was shelving surfaces are to be recovered. An exhaust fan over an oven was mentioned. The possibility of an industrial cycle dishwasher capable of extreme high temperatures was suggested for efficiency and convenience. The last lunch ticket increase appears to be very close to the target because the books are very close, but still in the black.

The local Board of Equalization has made its yearly invitation for the school board to have an observer at the Equalization meetings. Kelly Blair will sit in.

The Black Hills Special Services was complimented on its network administration. What used to be a “band-aid” capability is now staying ahead of needs, with many contracts being renewed and initiated.

The school board’s rural committee will make its required second tour of the country schools before the March meeting.

The recent canine security search turned up negative, and that was a positive thing. (see Ross story)

The upcoming calendar is full with home games, state wrestling, AAU wrestling, district games, the science fair, grade checks for the third quarter and parent-teacher conferences.

The next scheduled Haakon School Board meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, March 14.