S.A.S.S hair salon opens in Midland

The S.A.S.S. hair salon opened for business in Midland on March 30. Owned and operated by Samantha Flesner, the new business is in the same building as the Midland Post Office at 404 Main Street.

The salon caters to women, men and children. It offers a full range of treatments, from cuts and styles, perms and color, to manicures, pedicures and waxing. Facials and even a tanning bed will soon be added.

"I'll soon be able to offer 'the works'," said Flesner. With her wedding to John Addison set for September, Flesner chose S.A.S.S. for her business's name, which stands for Samantha Addison Super Salon.

Flesner is a former student of Philip High School, earning her diploma through a home school program. She continued on to Headlines Academy in Rapid City, where she graduated last November. "I guess, ever since I was little, I like working with people's hair and making people feel good about their appearance," said Flesner. "It's a lot of work, but its a lot of fun. You get to see new people every day."

Flesner chose a Midland location for the new business because the newlywed Addisons will be living near Midland, and she wanted to operate a business close to home. "John likes me operating the salon," she said. "I do his hair."

"Everybody has different work schedules, so I don't have set hours. Most clients call and set up an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome when I am here."

To set up an appointment, call the S.A.S.S work number, 441-3517.