Ryan & Cole Hamil

Ryan Andrew Hamil, three years, was born March 19, 2008, and Cole Brendan Hamil, 15 months, was born January 29, 2010, to Hank and Catherine (Hill) Hamil of Piedmont, Okla. The Hamil's precious sons went to be with Jesus on Tuesday, May 24, 2011, as a result of the tornado that destroyed their home.

Ryan will always be remembered for his fun loving spirit and love of animals. Anyone who saw him felt that his eyes and smile lit up the room. He was such a joy to have for a son and he was developing into a well mannered young boy. He liked to hold the door open for others and said please and thanks for the things he needed. Ryan's love of animals, cars, tractors and combines was very passionate. He was always playing with his toys with deep concentration and joy. No one was allowed to touch them. He also showed great excitement when he fed the cows, calves and donkeys. One of his greatest joys was when he spent the day helping his daddy. Although this was a rare event, it was quite a treat.

Cole will always be remembered for his gentle and patient spirit. He was such a loveable and patient son. Every look he gave would melt the hearts of those around him. He loved to keep up with his sister and brother. He had been walking for about six weeks and he took great pride in that accomplishment. It was hard to keep him still. Cole also enjoyed cars, ball and tractors. He would roll his cars around with his brother as often as they could. They were great buddies.

Ryan and Cole were preceded in death by their great-grandparents.

They are survived by their parents, Hank and Catherine (Hill) Hamil; their older sister, Cathleen; grandparents, Jim and Rose Hill of Edmond, Okla., and Randy and Debra Hamil of the Cashion, Okla., area; four great-grandparents, three uncles, two aunts, five cousins; and many more great uncles and great aunts.

Family and Friends gathered Saturday, June 4, for Mass of the Angels at St. Damien's Catholic Church.

Ryan and Cole will always be remembered and missed, but our comfort in this loss is the belief that they are now Saints in Heaven with Jesus and his mother Mary.