Results of Rodeo Bible Camp in Kadoka

Bradi Porch of Philip in the barrel racing event.

The annual Rodeo Bible Camp was held at Kadoka August 4-7 with 94 campers.

Participants had two days of rodeo instruction and two days of rodeo competition, along with daily devotions and games. The first camp was held in 1975.

Calf roping: 1st - Daine McNenny, Sturgis; 2nd - Tee Hale, White Owl; 3rd - Kourt Starr, Dupree; 4th - Tucker Dale, Timber Lake.

Barrels: 1st - Jamie Britton, Buffalo; 2nd - Kami Elshere, Faith; 3rd - Chelsie Shearer, Wall; 4th - Sonnie Gartner, Interior.

Barebacks: 1st - Sean Nicolaus, Mitchell; 2nd - Christian Jensen, Sisseton; 3rd - Tanner Goss, Martin; 4th - Tony Wyatt, Florence. There were no qualified rides; the instructors made choices by whom tried the hardest.

Goat tying: 1st - Jamie Britton, Buffalo; 2nd - Echo Johnston, Red Owl; 3rd - Shania Johnston, Union Center; 4th - Hanna Brown, Faith.

Steer wrestling: 1st - Troy Wilcox, Red Owl; 2nd - Dalton Kelly, Quinn; 3rd - Ty Persson, Menoken, ND; 4th - Terrance Maier, Pierre.

Breakaway roping: 1st - Hanna Brown, Faith; 2nd - Shania Johnston, Union Center; 3rd - Jerylin Reed, Faith; 4th - Taylor Shoemaker, Faith.

Saddle bronc: 1st - Eric Gewecke, Gillette, WY; 2nd - Grady O'Bryan, Belvidere; 3rd - Zach Scofield, Belle Fourche; 4th - Ty Cantrell, Philip.

Pole bending: 1st - Echo Johnston, Red Owl; 2nd - Kami Elshere, Faith; 3rd - Brooke Deckert, Huron; 4th - Kenda Cuny, Kadoka.

Bull riding: 1st - Max Leiseth, Wall; 2nd - Cody Samuel, Pueblo, CO; 3rd - Josh Meintsma, Pierre; 4th - Terrance Maier, Pierre.

Team roping: 1st - Troy Wilcox, Red Owl / Dalton Kelly, Quinn; 2nd - Taylor Shoemaker, Faith / Hanna Brown, Faith; 3rd - Logan Murphy, Torrington, WY / Cody Heckenlaible, Ft. Pierre; 4th - Tucker Dale, Timber Lake / Tee Hale, White Owl.

Boys' All Around went to Troy Wilxoc with 70 points and Dalton Kelly was named the reserve cowboy with 66 points.

Girls' All Around went to Hanna Brown with 72 points and Jamie Britton took home the reserve honors with 66 points.

Rodeo Camp Bibles, which are presented each year in memory of Cy and Dorothy Porch, were given to Zach Scofield of Belle Fourche and Lashea Labrier of Murdo.