Results of library study circles to be shared at community meeting

The visions of Haakon County residents regarding a library will be presented at a community meeting, Tuesday, March 25th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Philip school's elementary gym.

For the past three weeks residents of Haakon County have met in six study circles, four based in Philip and one each in Milesville and Midland. During the first meeting the groups discussed the current library's services and other pros and cons of library services within the county. They also discussed their vision for a library and its services to the county.

The second session outlined the vision further and how to educate others about the necessity of the group's vision. The last week involved how to move the vision into action.

The final step is to present the six visions, one from each study cirlce, at a communinty meeting. All those attending the community meeting, whether they were involved in a study circle or not, will discuss the pros and cons of each vision and decide which vision they believe will best fit the needs of Haakon County.

The meeting will be facilatated by Kari Fruechte of the Horizon's program.